Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eye on the Ball

Time to blow the dust off the baseball bat and glove. I was kind of hoping his baseball cleats and last years pants would fit. Fat chance! Those size 11 cleats are not going to fit those size 13 and a half feet, nor are those size 4 pants. T ball season starts in two weeks and Tyson is ready. I was so excited he wanted to play again, I absolutely LOVE watching him play! This year they introduce "coach pitch." From my understanding they get two or three tries to hit it pitched to them then they bring out the tee if they don't hit it. Paul took Tyson outside today to practice. I should mention he hurt his back yesterday and can barely walk, so I was pretty impressed he still wanted to practice.

Fielding some ground balls

"Keep your eye on the ball!" How many times is he going to hear that in the next few months?

"Nice throw Buddy!"

They couldn't even get one hit in, before I came running out to give my "Good hit Buddy!" I was making dinner but watching every swing through the windows. He did surprisingly well when Paul pitched to him.

With my zoom lens I can take pictures from the patio and they don't even know I 'm out there. Sneaky.

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