Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Mommy, these are Monarchs......put that on your blog."

Tyson has developed a strong interest in insects and their life cycles. We have held many caterpillars hostage just to watch them turn into chrysalises and then into butterflies. These 5 are just the latest to fall victim to Tyson and his orzo container with holes in the lid.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Catching up with Friends from School

More water!!! My son is going to be the poster boy for Hawiaan Tropic if I'm not careful. I slather on the SPF, but he has my skin......he just keeps getting darker and darker. Anabell's mom, Michelle invited us over today for some swimming and some lunch. It was great to catch up.

Snack time. Jackson and Cam came too.

Em tells me on a daily basis that she "loves" Jackson.

Here's the whole gang scarfing down some lunch; Anabell, Tyson, Jackson, Cam, Em and Olivia

Tyson and Jackson

River, Take 2

We had so much at the River a few weeks ago, we decided to go back again. We may make it a regular summer Sunday thing. The kids played, swam, and explored. Tyson even got pretty comfortable with the water and seemed to enjoy the benefits of a life jacket. "Daddy, look I"m floating.....this is so cool. Why didn't you show me this earlier?" Seriously?!? Do you know how long we have been trying to get him to use a life jacket?

Look, he's not hanging on Daddy.

Emmy, what did you catch?

Looks like just some rocks. No fish.

Buddy actually caught some little fish.

Thanks for the umbrella Mom, it was so nice.

Fun family time!!!

Almost 3

Emerson is quickly approaching her 3rd birthday. 21 days to be exact. She can't wait. She told Mom and I that there would be confetti falling from the sky and presents stacked all the way to the ceiling. Not sure where she got this vision; but I can only hope that 10 kids or so and a pinata won't be a let down.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A little piece of paradise just 20 minutes from home.....

The last time we had been to the Guadalupe State park was around 3 years ago and I was pregnant. I can't believe we waited this long to go back. We had the best time! Not only was the river area so green and pretty the water was so clear. It really is the perfect place for kiddos. Mine loved the rock beach area and loved that the water was so shallow. Collecting rocks is a big thing in my house and the rocks were endless. Water, rocks, and lunch kids were in heaven!

Just getting settled in and scoping out the scenery.......we got there early around 10, we had the place to ourselves for a little while.

He loved the clear water!

sun hat.....check, chair.......check, cold drink.......check, snack.......check

still a little apprehensive about the water

not so apprehensive anymore, once she got in and felt that cool water, that was it....she didn't come out for hours

Look who's laying in the water!

Once she discoverd piggy back rides on Daddy while floating downstream we didn't see them for a while

We can't wait to go back! Maybe next time we can bring Mom and Dad with us.

Peace, Love and Cupcakes

I made these rainbow cupcakes for Tyson's birthday back in May and I really enjoyed the finished product. I was so stressed about getting them right for his party, I forgot to take pictures. So, when I had the opportunity to make these for Emily's 6th birthday, I had to take lots of pictures. Shelley asked if I could make "tie-dyed" ones for her Em. Of course Emily had specific color requests. Her party had a "peace" theme, complete with tie-dyed shirts for the favors. So naturally.....a tie dyed cupcake was a must.

This what you get when you combine 1 box white cake mix, 4 eggs, 1/2 c oil, 1/2c water, 8 oz sour cream, and one small box vanilla instant pudding. Mix, and divide batter into 5 bowls and drop your choice of food coloring in. Ta Da....

Alternately spoon batter into cupcake liners and bake for 22 minutes.

They're so pretty it seems like a shame to cover them up with frosting.

But they're even prettier inside

Complete with matching "tie-dyed" napkin

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dessert thrown together at the LAST minute

Tyson walked in the kitchen yesterday while I was making dinner and asked, "Mommy what's for dessert?" They're a little spoiled in the dessert department.....but lately I haven't been baking. Maybe because it so stinkin' HOT outside and the thought of using my oven makes me break out into a sweat. And I hate to sweat. Uhh, I wasn't planning on making anything, how 'bout a bowl of fresh fruit? The look on his face said it all, he was less than thrilled about the bowl of fruit idea. So I had to get creative with what I had in the pantry and in the fridge.

My version of a fruit pizza with what I had on hand.....

Sugar cookie dough (I had some in my fridge that I had made a few weeks ago)
8 oz softened cream cheese
marshmallow cream
fruit that your kids will fancy kiwi here
a little bit of coconut

Just roll out you cookie dough onto a pizza stone and bake at 350 for about 15 minutes, or until lightly browned. Let it cool completely. Mix your cream cheese with about half a jar of marshmallow cream. Spread onto your cooled giant cookie. Sprinkle some flaked coconut on top. Now just top with your favorite fruit. Berries are everywhere right now, so I had lots in the fridge. Stick it in the fridge for 30 minutes or so the cream cheese can firm up a bit.

Ta da.......last minute dessert with FRUIT! Tyson had 3 pieces and I lost track of how many pieces Paul ate.

She may have gotten my nose......

My princess, she definitely enjoyed her week without Tyson. She couldn't get enough of her one-on-one time with Paul and I.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Water Sprinkler

The guys left us at Mom's to go out to the lake, so Em decided it was a great time to play in the water sprinkler. And I thought it was a great time to experiment with my camera settings, and my different lenses. A few observations: flowing water-tricky, sunlight shadows-trickier, fast moving and constantly talking two year old-the trickiest!

all things considered, she makes a pretty good subject......

Two Peas in a Pod

Tyson spent most of last week with Mom and Dad. He had so much fun as usual, but was a little reluctant to come home. He was glued to Grandpa's side the entire time. They fished. They played. They explored. They even let Mom tag along a few times as the photographer.

Breakfast of champions: bean and cheese taco with a large apple juice. Gotta have a full stomach to go fishing with Grandpa. When Tyson visited on Spring Break, Dad took him here for breakfast and Tyson just assumed they would go there again and eat the exact same thing they had last time.

fishing at the park

These two are up to no good. Just look at their faces.

catching minnows in the backyard

Looks they might have caught some, even Tempe is hanging with the guys.

Really?!? A real Sunkist orange soda Grandma? "Mommy lets me drink these." Hmmm.

Walking across Amistad Dam

I hope Tyson enjoys his one-on-one time with Grandma and Grandpa, because I think next summer Emmy is gonna want in on the action.