Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A little afternoon excitement......

This was the scene here this afternoon about a mile and a half from our house. A brush fire started burning about 3:30 today and right now still burning at 9:00 pm. The sheriff's wouldn't let us get too close, so we parked at Tyson's elementary school to watch the Black Hawk helicopters and crop dusting planes perform the aerial water drops.

This was Tyson's favorite part.

This was taken at the intersection of Old Blanco Rd and Borgfeld Rd, near the park entrance.

These poor guys, it was so HOT (although one Deputy asked me if he could give me his email address so I could send him some pictures, all he had was his point and shoot camera and he noticed my LENS). You can't see them but there were about 20 fire trucks.

This one kept circling the fire.

There were two of these. Pretty impressive! We were standing about 150 yards from the fire.

"Coverage you can count on!" whatever?

If you look to the right of the playground you can see one helicopter taking a break.

It was so stinkin HOT, after the thrill of seeing the helicopter wore off, they were ready to call it a night. All Emmy could say was, "some cold juice Mommy!?!" Yes punkin, right after Mommy is done being nosey.


  1. Great pics Jill! You are becoming quite the photographer. I loved your comment about being nosey. If I see smoke, I can hardly stop myself from driving toward it to see what's going on. Some time I'll share with you about getting pulled over in Como (rough neighberhood in FW) when I was trying to show my mom a house that had burned down....

  2. Thanks Valerie, the cool part about being nosey now is I can blame it on the kids, "no officer my son just wanted to see the fire truck." And I am not afraid to throw Tyson under the bus! :) I know, I know: mother of the year!