Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just Picts of the kids from the Weekend.....

Weekend at Mom's, part 1

As February approached so did Paul's annual motorcycle rally in Big Bend, which meant the kids and I would be dropped off at Mom's for a long weekend.

I didn't realize it but we hadn't been there since last summer. They were definitely due a visit from the Lucas Family. We had a wonderful time. We spent most of the time just relaxing and hanging out outside. The weather was great. We grilled out, Dad and Tyson spent Friday at the lake. Tyson was so psyched to have some one-on-one time with Grandpa. They were like two peas in a pod. They even bunked together and told scary stories at night. Speaking of two peas in a pod, Em and I also shared a bed. This was her first visit to Grandma's with out her crib and she was little unsure of her big girl bed at Grandmas. So together we slept. I only got kicked in the face twice the first night. Anyway, it was a great visit and I have lots of pictures to post.

I just loved this one of Mom and Tyson!

Wow! Who's that big kid walking in Mom's backyard? That couldn't possibly be my little boy who is about to be 6 in a couple of months.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Mommy will it ever snow?" Honey it doesn't snow in South Texas.

Today February 23, 2010......also known as the day it finally snowed in San Antonio. There were actual flakes falling from the sky. Unfortunately it was not sticking. That didn't bother my son though. He was ready to catch a flake or two on his tongue.

No, that's not dandruff on his head......those are San Antonio snowflakes baby!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fun Party! Creepy Snakes!!!

I've been to a lot of kiddos birthday parties. I've seen petting zoos, moon jumps, train rides, pony rides, balloon animals, makes your own pizzas, but this was a first. The birthday girl had the The Reptile Man there as the main attraction. He was such a hit! The kids went crazy for all of the reptiles. He had turtles, geckos, and LOTS and LOTS of snakes!!!!

Remember this one for the Brittany Spears performance at the VMAs a few years ago?

Jackson was not so sure about this thing slithering on his lap!

Tyson got so brave and was touching all of them.

This one looked like a Horny Toad......but I can't remember what it was called.

I should mention that right after Emmy petted this snake she bent down and gave it a kiss. I was so grossed out I wasn't able to snap a picture.

Not one, not two, but three stinkin snakes! Ewwwww!!!

I just LOVE Tyson's expression!!!!

Seriously?!? Her name is Ariel. She eats rabbits and will then graduate to piggies and goats. Get Out!!!

Don't look at me like that.......we are NOT getting a snake!


I was so glad Mom was able to come spend a few days with the kiddos. They always look forward to her visits, not to mention Paul and I enjoyed our night out. Thanks Mom!!!!

***As I'm typing this Emmy just walked in, saw the computer and said "Grandma! Emmy loves Grandma!"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cue music......... ~Eye of the Tiger~

It's been one day since Emmy's run in with the window. She's seems great. She told EVERY one at school about the incident. The highlight for her was getting the hospital bracelet that matches Mommy. The swelling has gone down quite a bit and it's just a lovely shade of purple. Hopefully, in 5 days we can begin to take off the super glue, I mean Dermabond.

Who says you can't do "pretty pose" with a black eye?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Not the post I had in mind.......

When I woke up this morning a trip to the Urgent Care clinic AND the Emergency Room was not on my agenda. What was on my agenda was a date with my sister and the kids....we had planned to go bowling to celebrate President's Day.

All of that went awry when I heard a "thump" on the baby monitor followed by Emerson's screaming. Em falls A LOT but never even cries so when I heard the screaming I knew something was bad. "Emmy fall down on wall" she tearfully explained. I picked her up and was trying to calm her down when Tyson said "Oh Mommy, looks she's bleeding!" What?!? Mommy doesn't do blood. I sat her down to assess the damage. Yes, she was bleeding and her eye was swelling up faster than I could dial Paul on the phone. Tyson and Em explained that she was running to get a toy and fell and hit her face on the her window sill, it's a bay window and happens to be right at her eye level.

Of course she wouldn't let me touch her eye to wipe the blood. We made the decision to take her to the Urgent Care Clinic. After the tech got her eye cleaned up the doctor came in to take a look and said no she really needs to go to the ER. He felt she needed stitches and that would require conscience sedation and they didn't do that there. Perfect! Now I'm not going to even pretend to act tough....I was a wreck. Anyone who knows me, knows I am the biggest wimp and I DO NOT do well with blood especially when it belongs to my kiddos. So off we went to the ER down the street. I am so grateful Jenn was with me, she had met us the the Urgent Care clinic. Got to the hospital and got checked in. I only had to answer how this happened 5 different times, but whatever I know they were just doing their job. Anyway....long story short. The doctor wanted to use Dermabond Glue instead of stitches. So we held her down for what seemed like an eternity but was actually only about 5 minutes while the doctor placed this super glue stuff on her eye. I should mention it took 2 nurses, my sister and I to hold her down while he worked his magic.

That's it! All done! Don't get it wet for 5 days. No problem.

I took this right after I called Paul.

starting to swell

All glued up and ready to go

I fear it may look worse in the next few days, more like a black eye.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

The day started out with a breakfast of Ebelskievers filled with bananas and Nutella sprinkled with powdered sugar, and some were filled with Strawberry preserves. We literally have to pull the plate away from Tyson......after his 5th or 6th one we knew he was FULL.

We then put on our tennis shoes, packed a picnic lunch and headed out to the Botanical Gardens. The forecast said it was going to be partly cloudy in the am and sunny in the afternoon with a high around 68. "Perfect" to hang out with Mother Nature. Tyson is very interested in nature hikes these days and he has a new compass he was dying to try out.

We had so much fun. The weather was cool at first but quickly warmed up.

Getting situated, not to worry.....Tyson has his map and compass.

Paul took this one of me and my baby. She's so pretty.

The kids LOVED the picnic lunch. Not sure why, but a turkey and cheese sandwich is that much better when eaten outside on a blanket next to a huge pond filled with ducks. "This is awesome Daddy, I'm gonna always remember this!" And I'm pretty sure that brought a tear or two to Paul's eyes.

Tyson was so intrigued with the log cabins that were there. He has been learning about past presidents at school and came home with a log cabin picture made of pretzel sticks. "This is where Abe Lincoln lived! This is so COOL!" However, he was perplexed that there was only one room in the cabin. "Where does everyone sleep?"

These ducks clearly had been eating well. Despite their aggressiveness, Emmy still wanted to give them some of her cheese sandwich.

You can't tell, but it was all we could do to keep Tyson still long enough to snap a picture.....he was so freaked out by the ducks.

These two ran all over the place. They too have been missing the sunshine.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Valentine's Day with my three very special Valentines.

Trying Out My Valentine's Day Present

Some women hope for roses on Valentine's Day, some hope for diamonds and some wish for a fancy dinner. Well, not me. I wanted in a new lens for my camera. As always, Paul came through. We took the kids to the Botanical Gardens today (that post still to come). Tyson wanted to go on a nature hike and I wanted to practice with my new glass.

Tyson's eyes have the coolest color, sometimes they look blue, sometimes they look green and sometimes they look like

Not sure what this one was....the red color just caught my eye.

The orchids were BEAUTIFUL

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another COLD, RAINY Day

Today was another chilly afternoon. The kids were getting restless. I mean 2 days in a row of not being able to go outside after school makes for a LONG afternoon and evening, not to mention Paul has been out of town so my days have been extra long. Anyway we had built forts, we had drawn, and we had read lots of books. It was time to bring out the big guns. So I got out the essentials to make some cookie dough and gave the kids some rolling pins and heart shaped cookie cutters. And away they baked!

If you can't tell, in this picture Tyson was trying to instruct Emmy on the fine art of cookie cutters. She could have cared less about what he was saying. She was ready to dive right in!

Em couldn't wait to use her new rolling pin.

Check out that technique.....she is MY daughter.

Look how big those hands are!

Hey guys, it's OK to smile......they look so serious!

again with all the focus

sprinkle time

Those cookies hadn't been done two minutes before these two were stuffing them into those cute little mouths.