Thursday, December 29, 2011

The best part of Christmas Day.......

We spent Christmas Day just hanging out.  It was quite relaxing!  The kids wanted to play with all of their new toys and the grown-ups were pooped out. We made leftover ham and just enjoyed being together.

 Tyson trying out his new remote control truck from Jenn and Chris.

 Em and Grace relaxing.

 Buddy LOVING his new Kindle.  He started his first book on that day and finished it three days later.

 That much blond hair shouldn't be allowed in one picture.

 We watched Dolphin Tale later that afternoon.  And when I say "we" I mean EVERY body, dolls, pigs, and frogs.

As you can see it was a good movie and everyone was into it!

Thankful for a fabulous Christmas with my hubby, my kiddos and my parents......all that was missing was Jenn.  I think she is still recovering from Thanksgiving.

Christmas Morning Chaos

Paul and I actually woke up before the kids around 6:30........I guess we too had some Christmas morning anticipation.  We couldn't wait for the kids to see what Santa had brought them.  We got up and got the video camera ready then we woke Tyson and he woke Emmy.

Em with her American Girl Doll with "blonde hair, blue eyes and purple glasses," as requested from Santa.  She named her Grace, just like her Grandma Grace.

 Mom and Dad got Em the cutest play food sets from Melissa & Doug.  The "make you own taco and burrito" was a hit.

 I think the look on Tyson's face says it all.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the Lego City Corner!

 Behold the Kindle Fire!  Santa even downloaded a few books and some games for Tyson.  That Santa is one tech-savy jolly man.

 Santa even left some toys for Jules.

 Me being the baking dork that I am was so excited for my new 12 cup glass bowl for my Kitchen Aid.  Woo Hoo!!!!

 Grandma and Grandpa scored big this year with another winner gift.  Em LOVES her PINK digital camera which takes video too!

Hats were BIG this year!

Us with our most precious gifts of all!!!

 This was the living room after we had already bagged up 2 trash bags full.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Leading up to Christmas

Once the kids get out for Christmas break the anticipation gets pretty intense around here.  Every day I get asked, "how many more days till Chrismtas?"  Mom and Dad got here the Friday before and were able to enjoy some of that anticipation with us.  We got to bake with Grandma and take them to see the lights and there was plenty of just cuddling on the couch time.

We started off Christmas break with baking some sugar cookies for Santa.

I'm pretty sure she's a natural.  I've trained her well.

That's a lot of hands in the kitchen.

Emmy LOVES her Grandma! 
Emmy working and Tyson is sampling the goods.

Cathy (our sweet neighbor across the street) made each one of the kids a blanket for Christmas.  Em got a beautiful princess quilt and Tyson got his own super soft OU blanket.

After our delicious Christmas Eve meal we took everyone down to Chesapeake to see the lights and also did a little driving around checking out the lights around Edmond.  There is nothing to get you in the holiday spirit like squeezing four people in the back seat of a truck that really only seats three and driving all over town.

The lighted trees at Chesapeake are absolutely gorgeous!

 After we got home  everyone was chilled so we made hot chocolate.  EXCEPT for Grandpa and his clone.  These two helped themselves to mugs of Peppermint Ice cream and topped them off with sugar cookies.  Just look at the concentration.

 Have a little hot chocolate with your whipped cream honey.

 Next order of business was to sprinkle reindeer food all over the yard so Santa wouldn't miss our house.  The kids bundled up in their robes and snow boots to take care of that daunting task.

Adequate coverage is the key.

The last thing to do before bed was the start of a new tradition.  Tyson wanted to read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to all of us.  And he did not disappoint.  It was so sweet and special.

Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Well.........the diet starts in January

December is sort of like my superbowl of baking.  I literally bake all month and this year was no exception.

Here are some of my creations:

Giant Chewy Ginger Cookies

Chocolate Crinkles, Cherry-Almond Bars, Rasberry Surprise Cookies

Mexican Sugar-Cinnamon Cookies

Sweet Chili Spiced Pecans and Almonds

Nutella Fudge sprinkled with sea salt

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

And of course, Christmas is not complete in our house without the classic rolled sugar cookies covered in frosting and sprinkles!

Merry Christmas from my kitchen to yours!

I kept my neighbors swimming in sweets the whole month of December.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas parties all around

Lucky for me the kids class parties seem to fall on opposite days.  Which is good since I seem to keep volunteering to bring treats to both parties.  This way I can attend each one.  Friday was Tyson's and Em's was today.  Tyson's party consisted of a book exchange game, a craft and a plate FULL of sweets.  Em's began with songs performed by the class then finished up with a another plate FULL of goodies.

 It's tough when you're the sibling, fortunately we brought extra snacks to keep these two cute blonds busy.

 Tyson LOVES Ms. Moore!


 Tyson and his buddies Rhett and Cooper

 Ready to sing......

 Check out the big guy next to her.  I couldn't help it, I had to.

 the girls enjoying their yummy treats

 So glad Paul came home early so he could make her party and see her perform.

These kiddos are ready to start their Christmas break!  Last day is tomorrow.