Thursday, April 29, 2010

Field Trip 101

Tyson had his first field trip today. We thought for a while he wasn't going to make it, since he had been sick all week too. I kept him home yesterday so he could rest up for it. Priorities, you know. We went to Enchanted Springs Ranch in Boerne. It was a pretty neat place. It had an "old west" feel to it and lots of wild animals to see as well. The kids were able to learn about the cowboy life a long time ago and even see a gun twirler perform. Fortunately the weather cooperated with sunshine and no rain. All and all I'd say it was a great first field trip.

Tyson and his best buddy, Jackson

I feel so lucky I was able to enjoy this with him. I'm so proud of my Tyson, he's become such a little man.

Their favorite part was seeing the animals. My favorite part was seeing Tyson have so much fun with his friends. I only wish I could have been a fly on the school bus. I heard that was total chaos.

Check out all of these kiddos. Ummm. I don't think you should be hanging from the stagecoach, where the heck are the chaperones?"


I can't think of a better way to wrap up a field trip than with a tasty snow cone.

Argh Matey!

Clearly I have been under the weather if I haven't updated my blog since last week. We took the kids to a birthday party last weekend (that was right before the unthinkable happened, I'll come back to that later). It was a pirate themed birthday party for our friend Camden, complete with a treasure hunt and pirate booty.

Two of my pirates

This chaos up above was the kids scrambling for the first clue

ahhhh, an eye patch.....every good pirate needs one

and they need jewels

Em and the birthday boy

So back to the "unthinkable." I got sick. Not just a cold. But STREP THROAT. I'm pretty sure I haven't had that since I was 7 years old. And when it hit, it hit me hard! I was out of commission almost instantly. I spent most of Sunday laying around feeling sorry for myself taking Tylenol and IB Profin (not at the same time of course) and wishing my throat didn't feel like it was on fire. By mid Monday I was coming around. I stayed in bed as long as Em would let me. Which was about 5 minutes. She came in our room and asked "Mommy, why you in bed?" Mommy is sick punkin. Wanna just watch Max and Ruby while Mommy rests, I pleaded. With big tears in her eyes, bottom lip sticking out she asked "well, can you still get my apple juice?" And like that I was up. Sick day officially over.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Princess Fiesta with Effects

Sometimes it's just fun to play around with my effects on PhotoShop.
I like to take the color out of shot and just leave one accent in color

I like this soft light effect

The eyes have it

Nothing beats lots and lots of vibrant color

Princess Fiesta.........but not really

Today was the Park Hills Mother's Day Out Fiesta Parade. This morning was a little bittersweet for me. I remember watching Tyson's 2 year old class do the same thing as. Except this year I am not pregnant. That's right I was pregnant with Emmy during Tyson's parade. Wow time flies!

This morning Em woke up all excited about her parade. Truth be told I think she just couldn't wait to wear her new dress and flower halo. I explained to her that she would walk with her class and wave at Mommy, then I would come see her after she was done. She said ok. However, when it came down to it, she wasn't too happy to just walk past and wave. She wanted me and nothing else. Fortunately, it was a rather quick parade march. I was able to come to see her as soon as she finished and the popsicle seem to pacify her.

Note the little boy next to her, his blue popsicle dripped all over her dress. Nice.

Emmy and her pal, Max

See the scowl, I mean the look on Emmy's face. That kind of sums up her feelings towards the actual parade. Her favorite part by far was the popsicle treat at the end.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Backyard Business

I know I've said this before, but my Tyson LOVES to explore nature and our backyard. He came out of his room with all of this "gear" on ready to explore. He had on his adventure hat, his Camelback (in case he got thirsty) and miscellaneous things clipped to his belt loops such as a compass, and a whistle. He told me to grab my camera so I could get some "great shots" of him exploring. Clearly I photograph my kids a little too much.

I still have allergy issues with the Oak and Mold so I decided to stay on the patio away from the green stuff and just use my zoom lens.

All geared up!

This is one of my favorite expressions of Tyson, genuine happiness.

He's laughing because I caught him climbing in the tree.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Facing my Fears One Stack at a Time

I've always had a phobia of "making pancakes." I know that sounds weird, especially since I love to bake, make, and create most anything in the kitchen. It's the flipping action that has always freaked me out. I'm pretty sure I hadn't attempted pancakes in at least 10 years. Well anyway, this morning Tyson and Em wanted chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Paul (the usual pancake flipper) had left very early for a motorcycle ride in Fredericksburg. So I thought I would give it a whirl since I was trying to keep the kids from realizing that Daddy wasn't here on a Saturday.

I got the griddle out, some PAM, and my favorite spatula........and it was on!!! Of course the moment of truth wouldn't be until I flipped them. I know how to measure, mix and pour.

Ta Daaaaa!

Mission: Attempt to make pancakes.......SUCCESS!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This big beautiful GREEN tree is the source of all of my families allergy issues. Today after school Tyson wanted to hunt for caterpillars and Em wanted to be his assistant. I figured why not test the Zyrtec, so I decided I would hang out in the pollen with them and snap some pictures. It has been incredibly overcast all day which makes great light for photos.

Align CenterLooks like he found one.......

Em found some Dandelions to blow........(although I think she inhaled because she came crying to me that she had "flower" in her mouth)
She found some sticks too.

His eyes are so tricky. Sometimes they look green and other times they look blue. Today they are definitely green.

I like this one.

I'm so proud. He's sharing his grubby caterpillar with her.

Green eyes, green shirt, green grass, green, green!!!

Now it's crawling on his arm.

As if they weren't dirty enough after worm hunting in the grass, they decided to draw a map on t he patio with sidewalk chalk. I have mixed feelings on sidewalk chalk......yeah it's a great form of creative entertainment for the kids.....but it's so stinkin messy.