Saturday, August 15, 2009

Emmy turns 2!!!!!!!

At 2:09 pm, two years ago today my little girl was born. Everyday I look at her and still can't believe she's mine. She continues to amaze me, my little girl. Love you Emmy with all my heart.

Time to reflect. She was about a week and a half early. I went in to the OB for my weekly appointment on Tuesday August 14th. Dr. Williams asked me "how ya feelin?" I was all, "I'm ok, a little hot and a little ready to have this baby." Then she asked the golden question, "want me to induce you, how 'bout Friday?" I swear I heard angels singing I was so elated. She tells me to hang on while she calls the hospital to check availability. Hang on? Where else am I gonna go? She comes back with a weird look in her face. "Hospital is booked on Friday, how "bout tomorrow?" Holy Jesus! Are you serious?!?!? She's coming tomorrow????? I scream. "Be on the 5th floor L&D at 6 am, and eat a light breakfast." Yes ma'am!!!!

Then I commence to skip down the hallway out to the parking garage.
How 'bout the mental image. I then manage to call Paul. Cancel your Wednesday conference call, Emmy is coming! Next, call Mom. Mom, get here yesterday. Next, call Wendy.....and it just went on the entire drive home.

Now I will skip the rest of the details and get to the main event. Came in at 6 am, broke my water, started the petocin, got the epidural, waited a few hours. Nurse came in to check me. "Um....don't move, I gotta page Dr. Williams...she's crowning...a lot!!!!" Huh, wait....nobody is here..they went to get coffee, WHAT?!?!?!? Remember the part from Home Alone when the family is running down the airport to catch the flight. I'm pretty sure that's what's mine looked like running down the hallway from the cafeteria, trying to make it in time for the birth of Emerson Grace and also trying not to spill their coffee.

Mom and Jenn argued over who was going to be in the room with us for the delivery. Jenn won. Dr finally got here, donned her protective wear and asked if I was ready. "Let go!" I pushed once.....almost out, pushed once again and out came Emerson Grace Lucas weighing 7lbs and 9 oz. The shortest delivery ever for Doctor Williams.
Welcome Emmy Pooh!!! Just what the Lucas family needed!!! A blonde?!?!?!

Now..........on to the party details

These are the cake pops!!! I am so upset, I took a few pictures of these, but for some reason the flash didn't work right and they came out dark. Mendi and I decided we were gonna channel Bakerella and make her cake pops. They were adorable! And even more they were delicious!!! Mendi andI have big plans for the cake pops, more to come!

This was the spread.

Cupcakes were yummy!!!!

Emmy caught on to the whole pinata thing pretty quick. Giant ladybug pinata courtesy of Grandma Grace.

She did so good blowing out her candle. I just LOVE this picture of these two.

Emmy thought the ladybug cake centerpiece was a hat. Oh well!!!

Pretty Emmy just LOVED her vanity from Aunt did all of the other little girls at the party for that matter.

Em received her first American Girl doll from Grandma Anne. She adores this little baby. Her favorite part is that the eyes close when she is laying down and open when she is upright. "Baby go night night like Emmy?"

We had the coolest balloon lady ever! This is just some of the sculptures my kids got. Complete with a giant pink octopus for the birthday girl.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Awesome spread and the birthday girl looks like she is having so much fun. Happy Birthday Emmy! And the cake pops, don't even get me started. I made some for easter, and well, lets just say I had a lot of practice ones first. It took me a while to get the hang of it and I made a HUGE mess. I loved reading the story of her "birth" day - what a perfect delivery for a perfect little girl!