Saturday, February 26, 2011

"I won't need money, I'm gonna live in a castle"

Thursday on the way to school my kids decided to have a "when I grow up" conversation. It went something like this:

Tyson: Emmy, when I grow up I"m going to be a pilot. What about you?

Emerson: Well Tyson, I think I'll be a princess.

Tyson: (visibly annoyed with her answer) Emmy, that's not a real job and it doesn't pay you any money. How will you pay for your house?

Emerson: I won't need money Tyson. I'm gonna live in a castle.

Tyson: (even more annoyed) Emmy ok......fine! What's another job you would do when you grow up?

Emerson: Oh well that's easy. I'd be an actor.

It's a wonder I don't run off the road listening to these two. It's all I can do not to laugh uncontrollably.

It rained today. This was the first time it had stormed since we've lived here. My kids hadn't seen rain in so long. Tyson asked if school was "canceled because of the rain."

Friday, February 25, 2011

While I was gone..........

apparently these two got real comfortable in my new bed.

So naturally they assumed this week they could hang out here too since Paul would be on his annual Big Bend motorcycle ride.

I caved and let Tyson bunk with me every night.

Monday, February 21, 2011

XOXOXO.........better late than never

I realize Valentines Day was a while ago. And usually I am good about staying on top of things but there has been a lot going on around here. So I am just now posting some pics from Em's party.
She was excited to hand out the the goodie bags we had put together for her classmates.

Em and her friend checking out the party food.

Em and Mrs. Brandi

Paul actually went to Tyson's school party that day since I had gone to the Christmas one. And since he doesn't carry a camera every where with him like me there are no pictures. But I did manage to snap this one of him before he left for school that morning with his box of sweets for his teacher.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Valentines

So it turns out all I really need to do to get my kiddos to cooperate for pictures is bring props....... props in the form of a giant lolly pop.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Self Sufficient..........kinda

I had been upstairs cleaning up the playroom.......I walk into the kitchen and this is what I find. Since I always have the camera close by I had to grab it and snap a picture.

Me: Emerson Grace....what are you doing?
Em: Well, I couldn't find you and I needed my drink. So I got my vanity stool and now I can reach. Did you know how much stuff is in here?
Me: Um yes I'm aware of what's in the fridge and the big hand print your brother left on the door.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


and a WHOLE lotta pictures!!!

My kids have never seen snow like this much less seen it for four days straight. They had so much fun. Tyson never tired of going out to play into it. And I never got tired of taking pictures of my kids in it.

I do have to admit I am extremely surprised how quickly they adapted to the frigid temperatures and falling was like they lived here all of their life.

Snow brings out his inner child

I know Paul has enjoyed this weather as much as Tyson. And I KNOW Tyson has enjoyed having his Daddy to play in the snow with. The two of them built a few snow forts, some snow tunnels and even made a bob sled shoot to sled down.

Tyson doesn't know it yet but these are some special memories he is making with his Daddy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011

When we woke up Tuesday morning this was what I saw out the front door.......

There was at least 8 inches of snow on the ground and 4 foot snow drifts on the front and back patio. Truth be told up until yesterday I didn't know what the term snow drift meant much less use it in a sentence. So I guess that means I'm really an Okie now complete with a snow vocabulary,

a coat with a fur lined hood,

a son who wears a balaclava (the thing protecting his face),

and a hubby and son who play with sleds in our cul de sac. Yep, it's official.

As my neighbor shouted across the street to us Tuesday morning while assessing the snow accumulation in his drive way, "Welcome to Oklahoma!"