Thursday, August 27, 2009

Afternoon Sugar High

I thought I would plan something fun for the kids to do this afternoon. Tyson feels like he comes home from school and we eat dinner, bath and bed. That's not how it really happens but in his mind his whole day is shot and there is no time for fun stuff. So, I baked some sugar cookies for the kids to decorate after school. It was something we could do inside and all together. They LOVED it.

Tyson always takes a lot of pride in his cookie decorating.

He's sort of an expert cookie decorator.

This pudgy little hand belongs to Emmy (as if you couldn't tell). This was her first time to decorate cookies.

The level of concentration is so intense here. Until she discovered she could eat the sprinkles, then we lost her. "Emmy eat sprinkles, Mommy?" Sure Em, have at it. I'm hoping she won't be speaking in third person when she's sixteen.

She DID NOT want him that close to her, which is a shame because this could have been a cute picture.

Y Voila! Beautifully decorated sugar cookies


  1. Too cute! Your such a good mommy! The kids and Paul are so blessed to have you for their mommy and wife.

  2. Oh and I loveeee the princess apron! Paige will love it to when I show her the picture. The kids love looking at your posts and seeing Tyson and Emerson. Luke always asks me, What I doing there? He thinks pictures of Tyson are of him. Lol. They do look alike.