Thursday, February 28, 2013

We made it!

More pictures to come!

Hi ho, hi ho off to Red River We Go.......

but first we must pack a few things.

Ski clothes..... check, snow boots.......check, extra blankets......check, one suit case of clothes per person......check, groceries......check, cooler full of more groceries.....check, things to do in the car......check, camera......check, and WINE........CHECK CHECK!!

And of course, snacks for the road.  I did not want the kids eating candy the whole way.  Instead I filled their caddies with dried fruit, snacks, yogurt pretzels, nuts and one bag of mini muffins for breakfast.  It worked out well.

Paul and I got up at 4 that morning to get the car ready and try to head out by 5am before the snow got heavy.  We actually managed to be on the road by 5.  We drove through some of the biggest snowflakes ever getting out of Edmond.  Unfortunately the nine and a half hour drive was a bit hairy.  We got caught in snow, ice, rain, sleet, dense fog and hail.  Definitely one of those "white knuckle" drives.

These pictures were taken from the car as we began our last 30 minutes up the mountain.  We also had a few deer run out in front of us  while driving up hill on a windy road covered in ice.  Let's just say those deer were lucky.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 14th

This time last year on Valentine's Day we were in a truck heading to Red River, New Mexico.  This year we are home and heading on our ski vacation next week.

But first both kiddos had their class parties on the exact same day and time.  So naturally I spent my time running between both classes with my camera.

 I am one of the room moms for Em's class.  We set up at table for the kids to assemble a Valentine's snack mix.  I had Em go first so I could help her make her mix then I bolted to Tyson's classroom.

 This is who I found

 Tyson and his buddy Owen

 back in to Em's room, just in time to eat our treats

Tyson and Colin

This is Tyson's teacher.  She is absolutely fabulous!
 Em and Caden

 This is Seth........according to Em, he's "crushing on her." 

 How cute are these four little angels?!?  Lord help all of us moms in a few years.

This is Mrs. Perkins.  She is fantastic!  It's pretty nice when you have a kindergarten teacher that calls me or shoots me a text when Em is having an emotional day or forgot something at home.  We are lucky to have her.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just when I thought it was safe..........

This is the "ski clothes" bin.  Notice how it's all nicely packed and well organized. Looks ready to take on our ski trip next week.  

Well the Oklahoma weather had other plans and it didn't really care that I was already beginning my vacation packing. It started snowing around 9 this morning and didn't really let up till about 4:00.  Being the "cool mom" that I am, I checked the kids out early around noon so they could come home and enjoy it.  Actually I was already up at the school subbing just till 12.  I made the executive decision to take them home with me so they could play.  Tyson told me "I was the best mom ever," until I told him he had to come in from the snow and read for 45 minutes.

 Tyson has a new friend named Cash that recently moved into the neighborhood.  He came over to play in the snow too.  Tyson was looking for someone to have a snowball fight with.

 These two managed to push the snow into big boulder like balls to play on.

Yay for February snow and yay for a snow day, well..........according to mom. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bar stool vs Emmy

And the winner is.........................................................................

My poor poor little pumpkin has had a rough few days.  As if a pneumonia diagnosis wasn't enough she had too add busted lip, and bloody nose to that.  You see she likes to stand on that little bar near the bottom of the bar stool legs.  When she was younger that was ok because the bar stool weighed more that her.  Well now things are different and she's weighs more.  You can probably see where this is going.  Fast forward to Em laying on the ground with a heavy bar stool smack across her face.

 No stitches needed but there was a lot of blood and she is definitely swollen.  And if you look at her forhead you can see when the bedroom wall won that fight.

It's Wedneday........things have to get better.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Race Day

 This was our first Pinewood Derby race and we definitely had some take aways for next year.  Tyson's car did not make it to the finals.  But he did inform us that NEXT year it WILL.  Overall it was a pretty cool experience.

 Em got to race hers in the "open" category, open to siblings.  We named her car The Grace, see the pink ribbon on the side.  (I'm suppose to believe that a child made the cars next to her.  C'mon people.

 She really enjoyed being part of the race.

Already looking forward to next years race!


The prep.........

While the guys were diligently working on painting the cars, Em was doing other things.