Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Emmy....it says it right there

Although I miss my Tyson during the day and the house seems abnormally quiet while he is at school. I am enjoying my one on one time with Emerson. She starts her Mother's Day Out next week and I am anxious to see how she will adjust to me leaving her.

We enjoyed playing outside today by ourselves, especially since it was only 90 degrees instead of the usual 103 degrees. Thirteen degrees can really make a difference. It's nice to take pictures of her without Tyson jumping in front of the lens. My sister constantly reminds me that there are few pictures of her by herself as a child, seems that her pushy, camera hungry sister always made her way in front of the lens. "Allegedly."

There is something that's just too, or should I say tutu stinkin' cute about your name across your rear in hot pink letters, especially when it's got matching bows along side it.

I just couldn't get enough of this shot. She insisted on wearing her tutu all day today, she couldn't wait for Tyson to see it after school. He was mildly impressed. "You can see your diaper through your skirt, Em." "No Tysese, Emmy wear bloomer!"

Sometimes she can look so sweet and innocent.

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