Monday, August 10, 2009

My new favorite dessert cookie...

Don't these little gems make your mouth water??? I made them this morning to serve at our playgroup/story time for the Mommies. I think everyone liked them. I cannot take credit for the recipe however, these were from PW. She is a genius.

I made the shortbread cookies last night, then I made the butter cream icing and put in the fridge overnight. This morning I got up and stuffed some icing in pastry bag with the largest tip I had and piped some on each cookie. Then I just tossed a few berries on each and stuck them in the fridge till it was time for my guest to arrive.

There were just a couple left. Although I still have all of the ingredients left, so I may assemble a few for the family tonight for dessert.


  1. Oh yum! Ok, that's next on my list to bake!

  2. Seriously, these were AWESOME!!!!! The blueberries were better than the strawberries in my opinion, since they were tart they went well w/ the buttercream frosting. I've eaten entirely too many today!!!!

  3. I saw those on her site. Your's look awesome and I bet they were just as yummy. Makin' my mouth water.