Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Krispy Kreme plug

For some reason Tyson thinks every time Mom comes in to town, that translates into eat breakfast at Krispy Kreme. So we usually end up there at least one morning of her visit. Nothing like a good low sugar, low carb breakfast to get the morning started right.

Look who is actually smiling for the camera. It just took a pink sprinkled donut and a paper hat to make that happen.

My buddy is always ready for the camera.

Her bows were actually holding the hat in place on her head.

Shoes and Slides

Mom was here for a few days and she so graciously agreed to run errands with me and the kids. First on the list was to make a trip to La Cantera since we needed to exchange Em's new shoes at Stride Rite. Getting Em to try on shoes is always a challenge. It went sort of like this: Hold her down, place said shoes on chubby feet, then try and get her to walk in them . "Emmy do fast run in shoes???" Sure Em, you can fast run around the store. If you don't trip than I guess that means the shoes are a GO.

My Tyson is getting so TALL.

Note the pink sparkly shoe in her hand, she picked out a similar pair of hot pink boots at Sheplers last weekend. What can I say? She likes the bling.

No trip to La Cantera is complete without a trip to the playground. I remember when Tyson was little and he would just crawl around by the slide. Look at him now, his body is almost the length of the slide.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mommy's Pretty Girl

I often blog about Tyson, or Tyson and Emmy and even the dog gets her own posts. But I seem to neglect my Emmy. Emerson will be 2 in about 3 weeks. I can't believe that my baby is almost 2. Seems like just yesterday I was holding my little chunky monkey wondering if she would ever sit on her own (she was so chubby, she had trouble balancing). Now I can't keep her from climbing and jumping off of the couch. She has so many words she can say as well as string enough together to make sentences. Although it seems that her favorite is still NO. But that just comes with age. She loves to stand in front of my full length mirror and say "pretty girl Emmy." Paul and I are trying to teach her that her name is Emerson and not Emmy. School will be starting in a month and I want her to be know as Emerson. So often now when you ask her, what's your name, she responds with "Emerson pretty girl!" We will have to work on that. Kids may talk at Mother's Day Out about the girl that thinks she's so pretty.

Orange you glad?

Orange brownies.....sounds like an oxy moron, right?!?!? Let me tell you there was nothing moronic about these babies. They were DELISH!!! My husband who mostly likes all desserts chocolate really enjoyed these. Sometimes I like to try something different and I wasn't in the mood for plain old brownies. I will be glad to email anyone the recipe.

Recipe courtesy of a Paul Deen reader

Emmy wanted MORE immediately. "Yummy mussins mommy!" (translation: muffins)

Tyson also ate his weight in orange brownies over the weekend.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Novice Photography

These pictures came from Tyson's camera. After I looked through all 444 pictures (and found lots of pictures of arranged toys and snapshots of Emerson's rear) I found these. He was attempting to take one of him and Jules. These were the better ones. "Mommy, look I took this myself!" No kidding.

Oh he's getting closer, I think I see a dog ear in this picture.

Guess Paul must have come in to assist with the photography.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Best Friends

Jules has been with us now for almost 4 days. I think we will call her a keeper. My boys are crazy about her. I must say she is a LOW maintenance dog. She probably sleeps about 12 to 14 hours a day.........yeah, kinda like a newborn. She has her biggest burst of energy in the morning. After a few sprints around the backyard she's done till about 5. She does have a very loving temperament. She doesn't jump, lick, drool, shed and has no smell........I really couldn't ask for better traits in a dog; especially one that weighs 60 lbs. Although I do think she is beginning to get more comfortable with her new home, I've caught her now twice chewing on Em's pretend food and exploring the playroom for more yummy chew toys. Hey Jules how 'bout some Transformers? We have an overflow of those.

No words needed here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

45 MPH Couch Potato

Jules spent her first night with us last night. I would call it a success. She slept in her crate right next to our bed. She didn't cry or whimper at all. I think I see now how they got the nickname 45 MPH Couch Potato. This dog LOVES to snooze. However, the poor unsuspecting cat that was hanging out in the backyard this morning may have a different opinion. Jules locked in on him this morning and all I can say is WOW!!! She is FAST!!! That black cat barely made it to the to the other side of the fence. For a second there, I'm pretty sure she thought she was back at the track and had to have that cat. Of course with all of that commotion this morning, a dog's gotta sleep, right?!?!?

This photo pretty much sums up today's activities

and some of this

oh yeah, and lots of this too

Tyson didn't want to leave her to go to bed last night. He wanted to sleep on the floor right next to her crate.

Em is even coming around........"Emmy go night night with Jews?" Sure punkin I'm sure Jews would love that!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two kids and a dog.....

Well, the stork should be arriving this evening. I think I am pretty excited. I use the term think because I am afraid to get too attached in case it doesn't work out. I swore up and down I would not own an other pet for a LONG LONG time after Pepper and Pancho died. Clearly I caved. A retired racing Greyhound will be joining our family tonight. Paul has wanted a greyhound for as long as I've known him. He is beside himself with excitement. Tyson is equally ecstatic. Emmy on the other hand.......we just don't know. When you mention the dog to her all she says is "NO PUPPY NO, NO DOG NO!" We shall see.

We have been looking at the Greyhounds for a few weeks now. And last Saturday we decided on "Mint Julep," we plan to call her Jules as Mint Julep was her racing name and a bit long. She is mostly white with some brown. She seemed to have a very sweet personality. She raced for two years and is almost five. We are actually fostering her with "intent." Kind of like taking her on a test drive. We filled out the application, went through two sets of interviews and the people bringing her over will then do the home inspection. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? A bit excessive right? I sure hope we pass. As long as this dog is looking a for a NON quiet, often chaotic home with plenty of childrens' toys to chew on...we're in!!!

Check out the other Greyhounds looking for a home at Heart of Texas Greyhounds.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Girls

My girls: Wendy, Mendi, me, Andrea and Stephanie

I know this blog is mostly about my kids and our day to day family experiences. But this post is about my girlfriends. And since I couldn't survive this motherhood thing (and keep my sanity) without them, I think it's quite relevant.

Last night we had a girls' night out, often referred to as GNO (I know, we're so HIP). We went to the movies to see.............what else but a total chick flick. I cannot tell you how much fun I had. First we all met in a nearby parking lot so we could carpool (mom term) together to the theater. We all crammed into Wendy's car, and it was just like being in high school; five chicks talking a million miles a minute all the way there and discussing what each other was wearing. This GNO was special because Andrea was able to join us. Andrea moved to London about 6 months ago, and just happened to be in town. So glad she could make it! After at least 20 Facebook emails exchanged later we finally agreed and choose the Palladium for mostly one has a bar in the theater. We were able to enjoy a few cocktails and appetizers before going into the movie and take a drink in with us to accompany our big bag of buttered popcorn. Hopefully we can make this a monthly occurrence. Love you girls!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It was all good 'till the Mouse came out.....

Today marks the end of "5 Birthday parties in 5 days." This one was at Chuck E Cheese. Now normally I am a fan of the rat........but it appears my daughter is NOT! They had a great time playing the games and winning tickets. And we were in the middle of enjoying our pizza when the unthinkable happened. Chuck E. came out to wish the birthday boy happy birthday and that's when we lost Emerson. She jumped out of that booth so fast and made a B line to the door, all the while screaming, "BYE BYE, EMMY SCARED MOUSE, BYE BYE, EMMY SCARED MOUSE!!!!!"

Guess it's good thing I don't have her 2nd birthday party planned at Chuck E Cheese.

(note to self...... cancel the clown)

Emmy really enjoyed the games that she could climb onto.

Every time I turned around to see where she had gone, this is usually the site I saw. Em's rear end up in the air as she finagled her way onto a seat of a game.

Tyson was all about the tickets he could win.

Poor little sisters had to sit at their own table while big brothers enjoyed the birthday party.

Em always enjoys a good piece of pizza. This was taken right before the arrival of Chuck E. Once he came out things headed south pretty rapidly and that was the end of pictures.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A song about Texas...........I think???

Now he has added some wardrobe enhancements to the performance.......

After he put the hat on he came to show me, "Look Mommy I'm just like Kenny Chesney....your favorite!" My baby knows me so well.

The rock star.....and his groupie

My favorite cousin Shanna bought Tyson this guitar for his 4th birthday. Let's just say she was my favorite cousin. The sound on your computer doesn't even compare to the actual volume in my living room. Check out Em's moves..... she gets those from her Daddy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Say "thank you" with Lemon Blossoms

I baked a batch of these DELICIOUS bite sized Lemon Blossoms this afternoon. I thought I would take them over to my neighbor as a thank you for keeping my plants alive while we were gone.

.........and YES they are as yummy as they look!!!

I came in from watering and taking pictures and this is what I find: Paul and Tyson are dipping the Lemon Blossoms in the bowl of extra lemon powdered sugar glaze (note, they have already been dipped in the glaze). Why not just get a spoon and scoop the extra glaze into your sweet little mouths.

My Survivors

When we got back from vacation I have to admit I was glad to see my plants and veggies so green and healthy looking. It has been incredibly hot and I had concerns that my neighbor might forget about my plants. But she did not let me down and everybody survived.
Clearly the cucumbers (middle row) and the cantaloupe (right) are doing quite well. The cantaloupe that I transplanted from the pot on my patio have flourished and are trying to take over the backyard.

That's right....Paul was wrong. He swore this plant was not going to produce any cantaloupe. We actually have about 4 babies.

Here's another little guy.....

All of my potted flowers are doing pretty well considering it's been a sweltering 200 degrees for the last few weeks.

My hot pink Bougainvillea is my favorite. The color is so captivating. It's LOVES the I have a couple of these guys.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"almost dere???"

We headed out for our family vacation on Sunday, July 5th. We had each child set up with their own portable DVD player, their own snack and drink. Really it was the making for a perfect road trip. About six miles away from the house, Em asks, "almost dere Mommy?" And just like that my dream for a perfect drive was quickly squashed. I immediately responded to Em with a "yes, punkin almost dere"(in just 5 short hours). "Really Mommy, are we almost there," asks Tyson. I then explain to Tyson that Mommy was just lying, and that sometimes Emmy just says things to get a response. By the time I finished explaining to Tyson that we were not really almost there and that we still had quite a few hours to go until we got there, we were already an hour into the drive. And really my kids should be commended, we went an entire five hour drive and nobody cried, screamed, or even whined. It was the perfect drive.

We had a wonderful time! Mom was able to come with us and that made it even more special. This was Tyson's third trip to the beach, and he LOVED it. Emmy, on the other had was not so sure about the ocean. There is not too many things that scare my daughter. But the ocean ranks as number one on that list. I'm not sure if it was the size of it, or the sound of it......or that she couldn't control the waves. But she much preferred to be on the sand.

This was taken today on the way home. Quite a bit different from the one taken on Sunday. Their each a little tanner AND quite a bit more tired.

There are more vacation pictures on the next few posts.

Just Beachy......

Thought I would divide this post into a few different ones......on account that I took over 2oo hundred pictures between my two cameras. No need to panic I will not be posting all 200.
I should give credit to Mom. She took this picture from our balcony with my new lens. The water's edge was about 110 yards from our balcony. Pretty good shot Mom!!!!

I took this same one of these two three years ago.

Emmy and Mom were thick as thieves together. Emersome cute legs!!!

Em was a little overwhelmed by the ocean. I think she was trying to locate the off switch on the faucet.

This one......not so overwhelmed! His face says it all!

These kids had sand in places I didn't know you could get sand.

Thank goodness Em likes to wear hats. That sun was so bright!

My tan big fish!

I think she's under that hat! Who knew you could have attitude without showing your face?!?!?!