Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Vacation, part 1

Living in OK I am trying to make sure we try and do new things.  A popular vacation spot within driving distance for Oklahomans is Branson, MO.  I did some research and asked lots of people for recommendations.  We decided on Big Cedar Lodge just outside of Branson.  And it did NOT disappoint.  It was a beautiful resort spread out over at least 600 acres on Table Rock Lake.  There were over four different swimming areas, paddle boats, miniature golf, and tons of family friendly activities scheduled throughout each day like kids crafts, kids adventure camps, dive-in movies in the evenings, camp fires with s'mores every night.  I could go on forever.  Truth be told we never wanted to leave the resort.  We did drive into Branson and do a few "touristy" things, but that will be another post.  We had a fantastic time and my kiddos did NOT want to leave.  I think we have finally hit the age with them that vacation actually feels like a vacation and not work.  Paul and I had so much fun just playing with them.  It seemed magical!

We did a little sight seeing around the property when we arrived, since our room wasn't ready.  Sunday is a quiet day around Big Cedar.....most people checking out, newbies like us coming in.

 That's the "fishin" hole where they have the kids fishing in the am.  We'll be checking that out later.

Beautiful scenic view of the hills and Frosty's Ice cream trailer.  I know we'll be checking that out later.
 Out first morning we woke up Paul went for a run so the kids and I did more exploring. 

 The main registration lodge had some pretty cool stuff according to the kids.  The giant Lincoln Logs building table was a huge hit.

 The observatory was also cool, it overlooked the entire resort.  It had lots of facts about animals found in the Ozarks.  That was right up my Tyson's alley.

About time to head back and see if  Daddy is ready to hit the pool.

 They got side tracked by the craft table on the way to the pool.  Who can pass up sand art?

OK.  Now we're ready!

 The kids had their first pina colada......sans alcohol of course.

 Obviously it was well liked!
to be continued!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Vacation to Big Cedar

Vacation this year was to Big Cedar Lodge right outside of Branson, MO.  It was wonderful!  However, I took over 300 pictures and it's taking me some time to sort through them.  In the meantime here is a shot of the beginning and the end our our trip.  Bet you can't guess which is which.

Good-byes are hard

The night we arrived at our new house here in Edmond back in 2010, our dog cut her leg.  Long story short, the moving truck wasn't coming till the morning and I only had essential stuff for the kids.  Unfortunately that did not include large gauze squares and sticky tape.  Paul had to go across the street and say, "Hi we're your new neighbors and can I borrow some large wound bandages and possibly some Neosporin?   My dog is bleeding."

Cathy and Dave so graciously invited them in (bleeding dog too) bandaged up Jules and made us a bag of emergency stuff to get through the night.  That is just a small example of the generosity that those two displayed with our family.  Over the next 18 months they became like "grandparents" for my kids.  They took them to movies, attended their birthday parties, invited them to come over and do crafts, Cathy taught Tyson to sew last summer, they made gingerbread houses over the holidays and even came to Em's dance recital.  We could not have asked for better neighbors.   They were more than just neighbors, they were family.

As soon as I found out they were going to be moving I knew I wanted to do something special for them.  Sherri and I put together a "going away" party for them on their last weekend in town.

Cathy and Dave we love you guys and YOU WILL be greatly missed!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Orange and Blue and it's Taken Over!

When we moved here 18 months ago I didn't even know Oklahoma had a basketball team.  So I obviously had no idea we would be cheering for them much less being completely and totally consumed with Thunder spirit.  It's cRaZy!!!! And I love it.  We have had so much fun cheering this team on in the finals.

I love my little Thunder fans!!!!!

Memorial Day 2012

Our neighborhood HOA puts together a picnic/pool opening party every Memorial Day.  It is planned and put together by the "social committee" of the HOA.  I opted not to join that committee this year on account that I worked pretty hard all school year long with PTO projects and monthly duties and  I wanted to relax and just attend the events not plan them.  However, when the social committee chair person lives right next door and begs you to come to the planning meeting at her house..........well, you can see where this is going.  And just like that the next thing I know I'm ordering $400 worth of hot dogs, buns, and condiments from Sam's.   I have got to learn to say no.

I got home from the planning meeting and the conversation went something like this:  "Hey babe, how do you feel about grilling for 2 hours?  Oh and also can you lead the neighborhood bike parade on your motorcycle after you get the coals going? And maybe can we use you and your truck to haul everything down to the pool.  I love you."  Can I just tell you how happy he was to also be part of this committee.   

Actually he was a good sport about it........... as always.

 The hood making their way down to the pool for the festivities!

 My kids loved decorating their bikes!

Our Grill Masters!

There was food........

 games and ink!

The picnic was fun and we had plenty of food.  Bring on Summer!

Brought to you by the Belmont Farms HOA Social Committee! 
guess I'm an honorary member.....