Friday, August 21, 2009

Three camels, animal drool and a whole lot of hand sanitizer

The Exotic Resort Zoo in Johnson City might be one of the coolest places the kids went to this summer. Mendi had the idea to take the kids to this wildlife park, it sounded like it might be fun. We thought we would invite a few other Mom's and their kiddos too. The plan was to meet at my house at 8:15 am, (since it's 200 degrees in the shade) try to beat some of the heat and bring a pack lunch. We all managed to fit into just two cars. So just like that, we headed out......four moms, ten kids and a dog (well no dog, but it sounded good) we had about a 50 minute drive ahead of us. First stop, Starbucks!!!! A couple of coffees and a frappuccino later we were on the road.
Wildlife park is an huge understatement. This place was beautiful. It was over 150 acres and they had at least 200 animals and 80 different species, everything from deer to ostriches, to camels and huge buffalo, even zebras. The kids had a blast. There were a few screams along the way, a little bit of camel slobber but all in all a WONDERFUL time was had by all!!!!

The welcoming committee greeted us as we drove through the gate on the trailer.

Emmy seems mildly impressed that there was some exotic animal sniffing her pig tails.

Here is some of the gang ready to head out to see the animals.

The llamas were beautiful.

This is Omar, he was a little aggressive with the food buckets (and no this was not taken with my zoom lens, he was really that close to me)

He was so PUMPED to see the animals. Ethan and him were so wound up the entire drive out there, they could barely sit still.

Emmy was pretty happy playing on the playground too.

Yes, that is a buffalo tongue. The boys LOVED throwing the food on this giant thing. Quick, who has the Purell???

Not sure which is funnier, Tyson's expression as this hungry camel tries to taste his fingers or the look on Justin's face while he laughs at Tyson.

They both had fun feeding the goats.

I could not get her to stop hugging the goats and the sheep.

Emmy and this floppy eared goat having a moment.....


  1. What fun! Looks like the kids had a great time. We went to a drive through safari at Fossil Rim and those animals will stop at no lengths to get food!
    I had no idea that was even there. That would be a great place for us to meet up. It is only about 45 minutes to Johnson City from Llano. Carter would have a ball!

  2. That might be a fun thing to do in the fall.....when it's slightly cooler. My kids loved it!!!! Paul already said he wants to go next time.