Sunday, August 30, 2009

Eye on the Ball

Time to blow the dust off the baseball bat and glove. I was kind of hoping his baseball cleats and last years pants would fit. Fat chance! Those size 11 cleats are not going to fit those size 13 and a half feet, nor are those size 4 pants. T ball season starts in two weeks and Tyson is ready. I was so excited he wanted to play again, I absolutely LOVE watching him play! This year they introduce "coach pitch." From my understanding they get two or three tries to hit it pitched to them then they bring out the tee if they don't hit it. Paul took Tyson outside today to practice. I should mention he hurt his back yesterday and can barely walk, so I was pretty impressed he still wanted to practice.

Fielding some ground balls

"Keep your eye on the ball!" How many times is he going to hear that in the next few months?

"Nice throw Buddy!"

They couldn't even get one hit in, before I came running out to give my "Good hit Buddy!" I was making dinner but watching every swing through the windows. He did surprisingly well when Paul pitched to him.

With my zoom lens I can take pictures from the patio and they don't even know I 'm out there. Sneaky.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Afternoon Sugar High

I thought I would plan something fun for the kids to do this afternoon. Tyson feels like he comes home from school and we eat dinner, bath and bed. That's not how it really happens but in his mind his whole day is shot and there is no time for fun stuff. So, I baked some sugar cookies for the kids to decorate after school. It was something we could do inside and all together. They LOVED it.

Tyson always takes a lot of pride in his cookie decorating.

He's sort of an expert cookie decorator.

This pudgy little hand belongs to Emmy (as if you couldn't tell). This was her first time to decorate cookies.

The level of concentration is so intense here. Until she discovered she could eat the sprinkles, then we lost her. "Emmy eat sprinkles, Mommy?" Sure Em, have at it. I'm hoping she won't be speaking in third person when she's sixteen.

She DID NOT want him that close to her, which is a shame because this could have been a cute picture.

Y Voila! Beautifully decorated sugar cookies

Mini Me

My boys are just too cute. Tyson selected this shirt from the store because it looked like something Daddy would wear. And sure enough it does and they they really match well, right down to the backpack and lunchbox. Paul wanted to take Tyson to school this morning, and really that works out better for Em and I. We get to stay in our jammies a little longer and she gets to stay asleep. So here I sit waiting for the call from Paul to find out how drop off went. Tyson is still adjusting to the separation. What can I say, he is a sensitive little guy. My friends and family keep assuring me, he will get over it.................eventually. So until the day gets here, I will just keep the tissue handy.

So handsome, think I'll keep them both.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And then there was one......

Emmy is on her own for the next two weeks. Her MDO doesn't officially start until the 8th. She has asked a few times "Mommy, where Tysese?" At school Em. "Oh, Emmy go school tooooo, get backpack, go bye bye Mommy car!" Let's hope she keeps this enthusiasm after I leave her at Park Hills. On a side note.......I have managed to put her hair into a ponytail and I am really loving it. First it was pig tails, now a pony tail. Does the fun ever stop?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Milestone

We survived the first day of kindergarten. By we I mean Tyson and I. He was nervous, I was nervous. He was anxious, I was anxious. He was nauseous, I was nauseous. Gee, I wonder where he gets his nerves of steel from? Tyson was pretty excited about starting kinder most of the weekend and even this morning he wanted to help pack his lunch and pick out his outfit. But as we began to prepare for departure......there went the excitement. HELLO "I don't wanna go to school!" As we pulled in to the congested mess also know as the parking lot, his exact words were, "Um, I changed my mind, I don't wanna be a big boy! Can we please not go in?" He cried off and on as we journeyed down the hallway to sit in the cafeteria. I stood by him until it was time to walk down to his classroom. I told him he had to line up with his class. I walked beside him and said good bye at the door. I was totally holding back the tears, somebody had to.

I picked him up this afternoon and he was in pretty good spirits. He seemed pretty tired but said he had a good day. Who wouldn't be? We were out the door by 7 am. It was still dark. Hoping for a stronger Tyson tomorrow. Who knows, my Dad informed my Mom that he was a crier until the 3rd grade, so it's in the genes. Perfect!

See.... here he still looks pretty excited as he gobbles down his breakfast of champions, mini pancakes and smokies.

Still looking pretty excited with the new gear (note the darkness).

On the way down to the cafeteria, eyes looking a little teary, but still holding strong.

We gave these to Tyson's teacher today. Apple cake pops. Mendi and I made these on Saturday to give as teacher 1st day gifts. They turned out quite cute, if I do say so myself.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nora's Visit 2009

Nora came to visit this week. We hadn't seen each other in over a year. Her last visit here was for my baby shower in 2007. And my last trip to Arlington was a while back, she had just had Addison. So we were due a visit. I met Nora in Jr. High in 1989, holy cow that was a long time ago. We were friends then and became better friends in high school and then became closer after graduation when we met back up one semester at Tarrant County College. She had come back from school in Utah and I was trying to make up what I had messed up at UTA. Anyway we got reconnected and became closer then ever. I helped her move, (several times, but I wasn't counting)anyway, I invited her on a trip skiing with my boyfriend, (soon to be fiance') and Paul invited his friend Roger. He had a feeling I wasn't gonna enjoy skiing so it worked out for me to have someone to shop with and he could have a buddy to hit the slopes with. Paul and I got married a year later and Nora and Roger moved to Utah and married a year later. Funny how things work out. They moved back to Arlington and we moved here to San Antonio. So here we are now, married with two kids and 20 years later still friends.

Can't start the week without a visit to Krispy Kreme.

Hanging out at La Cantera

Addison was pretty fearless with animals.

Addison really liked Tyson. He seemed to just make her laugh all of the time.

Sweet Little Addison

Tyson and Alex got along pretty well this time. Tyson enjoyed showing him things. And Alex enjoyed Tyson's playroom.

Last Day of Summer Break

Friday August 21st is officially the last day of summer vacation. Nora and I took the kids to the McKenna Children's Museum in New Braunfels. My kids have been there several times but always enjoy coming back. Nora had taken Alex a few years ago, I think he definitely enjoyed it more this time around. More on their visit in the next post. How 'bout this picture?!? Both kids smiling for the camera, it only took 2 years.

Nice pickle, Em!

These kids love the pretend grocery store.

Emmy is in deep thought inside the tee pee

Not sure what he's doing here

Daddy's future kayak partner.....some body better tell Tyson

She is finally wanting to hold hands with her brother. So sweet!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Three camels, animal drool and a whole lot of hand sanitizer

The Exotic Resort Zoo in Johnson City might be one of the coolest places the kids went to this summer. Mendi had the idea to take the kids to this wildlife park, it sounded like it might be fun. We thought we would invite a few other Mom's and their kiddos too. The plan was to meet at my house at 8:15 am, (since it's 200 degrees in the shade) try to beat some of the heat and bring a pack lunch. We all managed to fit into just two cars. So just like that, we headed out......four moms, ten kids and a dog (well no dog, but it sounded good) we had about a 50 minute drive ahead of us. First stop, Starbucks!!!! A couple of coffees and a frappuccino later we were on the road.
Wildlife park is an huge understatement. This place was beautiful. It was over 150 acres and they had at least 200 animals and 80 different species, everything from deer to ostriches, to camels and huge buffalo, even zebras. The kids had a blast. There were a few screams along the way, a little bit of camel slobber but all in all a WONDERFUL time was had by all!!!!

The welcoming committee greeted us as we drove through the gate on the trailer.

Emmy seems mildly impressed that there was some exotic animal sniffing her pig tails.

Here is some of the gang ready to head out to see the animals.

The llamas were beautiful.

This is Omar, he was a little aggressive with the food buckets (and no this was not taken with my zoom lens, he was really that close to me)

He was so PUMPED to see the animals. Ethan and him were so wound up the entire drive out there, they could barely sit still.

Emmy was pretty happy playing on the playground too.

Yes, that is a buffalo tongue. The boys LOVED throwing the food on this giant thing. Quick, who has the Purell???

Not sure which is funnier, Tyson's expression as this hungry camel tries to taste his fingers or the look on Justin's face while he laughs at Tyson.

They both had fun feeding the goats.

I could not get her to stop hugging the goats and the sheep.

Emmy and this floppy eared goat having a moment.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Meet the Teacher Night"

It is official!!!! My little boy will be starting Kindergarten on Monday! I cannot believe it! We took Tyson to his new school tonight to meet his new teacher and see his classroom. It was so surreal! Especially since I clearly remember my kindergarten class. And now here I am with my own little kindergartener. He was pretty excited as he looked around and found his table. I have to admit, I was a little nervous. I think Paul was too. As you can see form the picture above, we made a stop at PTA table to make contribution in the form of a hat, shirt, stuffed Timberwood Tiger, and oh yeah, a rather large paw print magnet.

Tyson asked me this morning if he "could make his new teacher a card to give to her tonight."

He wanted to draw an ostrich on it.....since we saw some today at the safari (pics to come).

He was so proud of his card and couldn't wait to give to her. That's my Buddy!!!!