Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rain, Rain please Stay a While

It actually RAINED today in South Texas. Not only did it rain, it rained HARD. We got home from dinner and the sky opened up. I should first clarify it hasn't really rained in something like 45 days (it seems like it's been years). Long enough that we are in Stage 3 water restriction, which translates to you can only water by hand every other week on your assigned day. In other words most plants are dead, bushes are struggling and trees are loosing there leaves and not because the seasons are changing. Tyson asked if he could play in it....... we said, "sure Buddy......this is rain, it comes from the sky. Have at it." He couldn't wait to get his raincoat out, it is almost is too small. Go figure.

He was ecstatic to play in the rain.

Look at that smile.

more smiles

big wet feet

I took all of these shots of Tyson from the garage.....I wasn't getting my camera wet. I love my Zoom lens.

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