Saturday, September 12, 2009

........ bars on the windows

Growing up in San Antonio I had the pleasure of being introduced to "pan dulce" at an early age, also known as Mexican Sweetbread. On Sundays my Dad would go to this bakery on the rough side of town (it wasn't rough then, but it sure is rough now) and bring back yummy delicious pan ducle. I was little so I don't remember the name of the bakery but I do remember the building was pink and it had bars on the windows. My favorite were always the empanadas with the fruit in the middle and the pink cookie. I haven't been able to duplicate the pink cookie yet but I have found a pretty close second to the sweet empanadas.

These wonderful little puffs of heaven are filled with pineapple preserves. I've also made them with peach and cherry fillings. Something about the pineapple just makes them so tasty.

Is your mouth watering yet???

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  1. Yes!! A student brought me some when I taught in the panhandle for Thanksgiving and I was hooked on them right away. Her mom always made pumpkin ones and every year I would ask if I was getting some :)