Saturday, September 19, 2009

New size 1 1/2 cleats....$25, new pants....$12, YMCA fee ....$141, the feeling I get when he's up to bat.....PRICELESS

Today was Tyson's first tee ball game of the season. He was a little nervous, but he did GREAT! What a difference a year makes! These kids played so well. No one ran the wrong direction or tried to tag their own player and no one even took the bat with them to 1st base. These were just some of the comical errors from last season. I really LOVE watching Tyson play, I can't help it.....I get so excited when he gets up to bat! Don't even get me started when he actually fields a ball and throws it to first base. I am such a sports mom!!! Tyson likes it, but he is just so serious and nervous. If he would just relax, he could have so much more fun. This was just game one, seven more to go.

So proud of my baby!!!!

I had to get one pic of him and Em......

Go lefty!!!! I guess we know where that came from!

Buddy at 1st base after his first hit. I'm lovin Paul's "coaches" shirt.

on deck....

......about to run home, Go Astros!!!!! Go #2!!!!!!

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