Saturday, September 26, 2009

Game #2 Highlights

This morning the boys had their second game. It was earlier so it wasn't AS hot as last weekend..........but let me assure you it was still hot. They played another great game. Tyson wasn't nearly as nervous this time and seemed to enjoy himself more. Either he was really in to the game this time or he was just excited about going camping after the game (more to come on that adventure later).
Daddy helping Buddy get his cleats on

my guys

Tyson's #1 fan.....who also learned the fine art of climbing the bleachers today, oh well..... it was just a matter of time.

Let's go "lefty!!!" He has been nailing the ball this season.

Run Buddy Run!!!!

keep running!!! almost to first!!!

Safe!!! Watch out for the little guy next to you. How old is he???

post game huddle

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