Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ready, Set, PAINT

I thought today would be a great day to expose Em to watercolors, washable that is. So I put some "painting" clothes on her, handed her a brush and she was on her way to becoming a a mini Picasso.

.....well maybe the Picasso reference is a bit of a stretch

Tyson has been playing with markers, crayons and paint since he also was two. In those three and a half years he has NEVER painted on himself. I was making dinner while the kids were painting. All of a sudden I hear Emmy say, "that good, Emmy paint Emmy's leg.....so pretty!"

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  1. Must be a girl thing. The girls did that too. I even had to ground Leah from markers in kindergarten because she would come home everyday with "painted nails" that wouldn't wash off. One day colored all of her fingers pretty colors. Paige came home yesterday with black nails and I asked her what happened and she "oh I painted them with a dry erase marker at school today." Great. I asked her if she was turning into my emo kid? Oh and they like to "paint" their little brother all the time too.