Saturday, September 12, 2009

Movie Night

Saturday night at the Lucas house......Movie Night. We started doing movie night with Tyson a few years ago. We would get pizza, popcorn and sit on blankets and watch a family friendly movie. The favorite part for Tyson was always the bottomless giant bowl of popcorn and the strawberry milk I would let him drink. Well, we thought we would give movie night a whirl with Emerson too. She seemed to really like being part of the action. She even sat still and watched the movie for while, although after about 15 minutes into the movie she asked, "Emmy turn watch Wiggles?!?!" Great.

" two, down in front!"

Mommy's angels! I should mention these two angles took out that bowl of popcorn.

she too enjoyed the movie night refreshments

" milk, my favorite!"

What?!? Doesn't everyone watch a movie with a kitten in a drop waist dress and an owl in a track suit.

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  1. I love it, they look so cute. I hope they enjoyed the movie. We just watched Race to Witch Mountain, max really enjoyed that one. I am looking at getting a new camera and you are always raving about your camera, and it take GREAT pictures. What type of camera do you have?