Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day 2009

Today is Labor Day, which translates to an extra day off from school for Tyson and a day off for Paul. Now that Tyson is in school these extra holidays just seem special. Paul's parents came in town for the long weekend. They hadn't seen the kids since May. We made a trip to the Botanical Gardens to see the BIG BUGS exhibit. The exhibit was pretty interesting, it was just so stinkin HOT. Anne and Jim got us a family membership so I plan to take the kids back before the exhibit leaves, hopefully next month it will be a little cooler.

Tyson got a bumble bee painted on his hand. He wasn't so sure about getting his face painted, but the hand was ok.

"don't pull on the rope Em!"

trying to get a group shot........seems that Em would rather not

the kids standing in front of the GIANT ant sculpture

You can't quite tell from this picture but Em was hauling buns down this hill. "Where are the brakes?"

Hey buddy watch out for the GIANT dragon fly behind you!

We took some bread to feed the ducks. Something tells me these ducks were not new to this game. They were extremely aggressive. They just came waddling at you pecking for food.

Tyson with Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma Anne and Tyson

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