Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boys Night Out, Girls Night In---part 2

Camping was "awesome!" Those were the words from Tyson's mouth after they got home. Paul decided to take Tyson camping on Saturday. Mike called and said him and Ethan were in. And mine and Wendy's conversation went something like this......"Slumber party Saturday night?" "Sure what time are you and Max coming over?" So while the guys roasted marshmallows and hot dogs we put the little ones to bed, drank wine and watched girlee movies. I think we had more fun. The guys may think different.

Tyson was so amped to go. They didn't leave till about 4 on Saturday, he had that backpack and camera bag on since about 1:30. A little anxious???

Can't believe these two are 5?!?! We knew Ethan before he could walk. Now look how old they look.

It's the Khaki Brigade!!! No, actually it's just Paul, Tyson and Mike and Ethan

Aren't they cute after bath and in their jammies???

I made a yummy blueberry coffee cake for breakfast.....the kids helped

dinner out with Max and Emmy, a little shopping, a couple of chick flicks and a bottle of wine.....the makings for a perfect girls night in!!!

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