Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Emerson's 1st Day of MDO

Emmy survived her first day of school, or should I say Park Hills survived Emmy's first day. I am going to start trying to call her Emerson, after all that's the name we chose for her and there is an Emmy in her class as well as aa Emma and an Emily. Isn't that crazy, I guess "Em" names were popular in 2007. Anyway, Emmy......I mean Emerson did pretty good today. She was very excited this morning and even excited once we got to the school. She marched right in with Max. Even once we got near the classroom she was still pretty pumped. Then I handed her over the baby gate to her teacher and she looked a little concerned. I gave her a hug and a kiss, told her I loved her. I quickly walked out the door and didn't look back. Wendy and I headed straight to Starbucks. It's right across the street just in case things got bad. I gave it thirty minutes and called to check on her. The director's exact words to me were, "well.....she was having a moment earlier but she seems ok right now." Moment was code for a screaming fit. Patti (the assistant director) called me back about twenty minutes later to tell me she was actually doing really well and was playing, having a good time and not to worry.

Turns out her day was pretty good all in all. This was her first time ever to be in any sort of group daycare setting. I think crying off and on for the first 45 minutes wasn't too bad. After that she had a good day, she even enjoyed going to music class. I won't think about Thursday just yet. I suspect that drop off may be a little more involved. Involved is code for a heck of a lot harder.

She looked so big with her backpack and lunch box

Where is Emerson? Oh, there she is..... under that backpack.

A little hug from her buddy Max

just checking out the school

Max and Emerson sitting on the little bench

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