Sunday, September 20, 2009

Emmy Have No Fear

Each and everyday my Emerson continues to amaze me with her fearlessness. Heights do not scare her. The unknown doesn't frighten her. And falling is just a temporary setback for Em. I guess I was so used to my Tyson who was always so cautious and careful. I never had to worry about him climbing too high or trying to slide down the big slide. I should also mention that Tyson attended the same preschool Em is at for almost 3 years and never came home with as much as a scratch. Em has been there two weeks and I have already had to sign an accident report on her because she collided heard first with an other child then fell face down onto a tricycle busting her lip and causing her nose to bleed. Seriously?!?!

I like Emmy's hair when the static electricity gets hold.

this is the face of determination

almost to the top

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  1. They are soooo like Leah and Paige! Leah never would get hurt and Paige was always the dare-devil. But for some reason now at 8 she is scared to death of everything. Don't know what happened but now she has the fear of God in her and won't do anything that she thinks will hurt her?!?!