Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thank God for Dum Dums!

I took the kids for haircuts this morning. Can I just say how much I dread this task. It should be easy, right? Tyson actually does pretty good. Other than not wanting me to walk more than 2 feet away from him during the haircut for fear Miss Susan might cut off his ear, he does great. Emerson's last haircut experience ranks up there with office visits to her pediatrician. She cried so hard that the snot was literally pouring out of her nose, I couldn't grab the Kleenex fast enough. Sorry for the graphic description......but I feel it's necessary to get the full picture as to why I dread the "haircut" so much. Despite the many attempts by Miss Susan to distract her with Elmo....."Emmy det down, bye bye Mommy car," is all she could scream. Then we brought out the big guns--a dum dum lollipop. Well, why didn't anyone tell me about the "pop?" You could hear the angels singing.....pure bliss. She sat frozen on my lap while Miss Susan gave here a trim.

So today.....I was nervous as we pulled into the parking lot of Cool Cuts. But to my surprise Emmy did FANTASTIC! She watched Tyson go first and anxiously awaited her turn so she could have a "pop," as she described it. She sat like a little angle on my lap and watched Blues Clues. She never even spoke. This gives me hope for next time. I will bring this memory up, when she's old enough to ask for highlights because all of the other girls are getting them.

Quick "before" shot this morning. Why is it, she decides to smile for the camera during the most random time. If I am trying to pose her and Tyson for a cute brother/sister picture.......then no body can look at me, or God for the camera.

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  1. Ahhhhh, the dum dum! I'm so sorry I didn't share. I always carry one or two in my purse. I've whipped one out at the grocery store before. I rarely let Carter have hard candy, but desperate times....