Thursday, July 9, 2009

"almost dere???"

We headed out for our family vacation on Sunday, July 5th. We had each child set up with their own portable DVD player, their own snack and drink. Really it was the making for a perfect road trip. About six miles away from the house, Em asks, "almost dere Mommy?" And just like that my dream for a perfect drive was quickly squashed. I immediately responded to Em with a "yes, punkin almost dere"(in just 5 short hours). "Really Mommy, are we almost there," asks Tyson. I then explain to Tyson that Mommy was just lying, and that sometimes Emmy just says things to get a response. By the time I finished explaining to Tyson that we were not really almost there and that we still had quite a few hours to go until we got there, we were already an hour into the drive. And really my kids should be commended, we went an entire five hour drive and nobody cried, screamed, or even whined. It was the perfect drive.

We had a wonderful time! Mom was able to come with us and that made it even more special. This was Tyson's third trip to the beach, and he LOVED it. Emmy, on the other had was not so sure about the ocean. There is not too many things that scare my daughter. But the ocean ranks as number one on that list. I'm not sure if it was the size of it, or the sound of it......or that she couldn't control the waves. But she much preferred to be on the sand.

This was taken today on the way home. Quite a bit different from the one taken on Sunday. Their each a little tanner AND quite a bit more tired.

There are more vacation pictures on the next few posts.

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