Thursday, July 16, 2009

It was all good 'till the Mouse came out.....

Today marks the end of "5 Birthday parties in 5 days." This one was at Chuck E Cheese. Now normally I am a fan of the rat........but it appears my daughter is NOT! They had a great time playing the games and winning tickets. And we were in the middle of enjoying our pizza when the unthinkable happened. Chuck E. came out to wish the birthday boy happy birthday and that's when we lost Emerson. She jumped out of that booth so fast and made a B line to the door, all the while screaming, "BYE BYE, EMMY SCARED MOUSE, BYE BYE, EMMY SCARED MOUSE!!!!!"

Guess it's good thing I don't have her 2nd birthday party planned at Chuck E Cheese.

(note to self...... cancel the clown)

Emmy really enjoyed the games that she could climb onto.

Every time I turned around to see where she had gone, this is usually the site I saw. Em's rear end up in the air as she finagled her way onto a seat of a game.

Tyson was all about the tickets he could win.

Poor little sisters had to sit at their own table while big brothers enjoyed the birthday party.

Em always enjoys a good piece of pizza. This was taken right before the arrival of Chuck E. Once he came out things headed south pretty rapidly and that was the end of pictures.

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