Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Survivors

When we got back from vacation I have to admit I was glad to see my plants and veggies so green and healthy looking. It has been incredibly hot and I had concerns that my neighbor might forget about my plants. But she did not let me down and everybody survived.
Clearly the cucumbers (middle row) and the cantaloupe (right) are doing quite well. The cantaloupe that I transplanted from the pot on my patio have flourished and are trying to take over the backyard.

That's right....Paul was wrong. He swore this plant was not going to produce any cantaloupe. We actually have about 4 babies.

Here's another little guy.....

All of my potted flowers are doing pretty well considering it's been a sweltering 200 degrees for the last few weeks.

My hot pink Bougainvillea is my favorite. The color is so captivating. It's LOVES the I have a couple of these guys.

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  1. Can't get my Bougainvillea to do ANYTHING!!