Friday, July 17, 2009

My Girls

My girls: Wendy, Mendi, me, Andrea and Stephanie

I know this blog is mostly about my kids and our day to day family experiences. But this post is about my girlfriends. And since I couldn't survive this motherhood thing (and keep my sanity) without them, I think it's quite relevant.

Last night we had a girls' night out, often referred to as GNO (I know, we're so HIP). We went to the movies to see.............what else but a total chick flick. I cannot tell you how much fun I had. First we all met in a nearby parking lot so we could carpool (mom term) together to the theater. We all crammed into Wendy's car, and it was just like being in high school; five chicks talking a million miles a minute all the way there and discussing what each other was wearing. This GNO was special because Andrea was able to join us. Andrea moved to London about 6 months ago, and just happened to be in town. So glad she could make it! After at least 20 Facebook emails exchanged later we finally agreed and choose the Palladium for mostly one has a bar in the theater. We were able to enjoy a few cocktails and appetizers before going into the movie and take a drink in with us to accompany our big bag of buttered popcorn. Hopefully we can make this a monthly occurrence. Love you girls!!!

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  1. Love u too! It was so fun. Just what the psychiatrist ordered ;)