Wednesday, July 22, 2009

45 MPH Couch Potato

Jules spent her first night with us last night. I would call it a success. She slept in her crate right next to our bed. She didn't cry or whimper at all. I think I see now how they got the nickname 45 MPH Couch Potato. This dog LOVES to snooze. However, the poor unsuspecting cat that was hanging out in the backyard this morning may have a different opinion. Jules locked in on him this morning and all I can say is WOW!!! She is FAST!!! That black cat barely made it to the to the other side of the fence. For a second there, I'm pretty sure she thought she was back at the track and had to have that cat. Of course with all of that commotion this morning, a dog's gotta sleep, right?!?!?

This photo pretty much sums up today's activities

and some of this

oh yeah, and lots of this too

Tyson didn't want to leave her to go to bed last night. He wanted to sleep on the floor right next to her crate.

Em is even coming around........"Emmy go night night with Jews?" Sure punkin I'm sure Jews would love that!

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  1. Looks like she has made herself right at home! I love the new background! Cuteness!!!