Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shoes and Slides

Mom was here for a few days and she so graciously agreed to run errands with me and the kids. First on the list was to make a trip to La Cantera since we needed to exchange Em's new shoes at Stride Rite. Getting Em to try on shoes is always a challenge. It went sort of like this: Hold her down, place said shoes on chubby feet, then try and get her to walk in them . "Emmy do fast run in shoes???" Sure Em, you can fast run around the store. If you don't trip than I guess that means the shoes are a GO.

My Tyson is getting so TALL.

Note the pink sparkly shoe in her hand, she picked out a similar pair of hot pink boots at Sheplers last weekend. What can I say? She likes the bling.

No trip to La Cantera is complete without a trip to the playground. I remember when Tyson was little and he would just crawl around by the slide. Look at him now, his body is almost the length of the slide.


  1. HI Jill,
    It's Suzy (Weber) Landrum. I found your blog from Valerie's page and wanted to say Hi. Your children are beautiful.

  2. Suzy!!!!! How are you????? Are you on Facebook? I wanna catch up!

    Thanks for the kid compliment. I'd love to see some pics of your kiddos!

  3. NO facebook for me! :) Here is my e-mail, and I started a blog...not very impressive, yet.