Monday, July 27, 2009

Mommy's Pretty Girl

I often blog about Tyson, or Tyson and Emmy and even the dog gets her own posts. But I seem to neglect my Emmy. Emerson will be 2 in about 3 weeks. I can't believe that my baby is almost 2. Seems like just yesterday I was holding my little chunky monkey wondering if she would ever sit on her own (she was so chubby, she had trouble balancing). Now I can't keep her from climbing and jumping off of the couch. She has so many words she can say as well as string enough together to make sentences. Although it seems that her favorite is still NO. But that just comes with age. She loves to stand in front of my full length mirror and say "pretty girl Emmy." Paul and I are trying to teach her that her name is Emerson and not Emmy. School will be starting in a month and I want her to be know as Emerson. So often now when you ask her, what's your name, she responds with "Emerson pretty girl!" We will have to work on that. Kids may talk at Mother's Day Out about the girl that thinks she's so pretty.

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  1. That's funny. Paige is still "Paigey" to all of her friends and she is about to go into 3rd grade. And Luke is "Lukey Snookie" with his friends. Don't have a clue where that one came from because if you ask him at home what his name is he will tell you "I'm Lukeman" in a super hero's voice.