Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tacky Tourists Stuff

What's a family vacation without all of that touristy stuff?

This look on Em's face pretty much sums up her attitude while on vacation. I'm pretty sure she should not have been born in Texas.......she hates the heat. Unless she was in the water or in the air conditioned room, she was not a happy vacationer. Let's just say she didn't really get a whole lot out of the "sight seeing."

Of course, Tyson had to stick his face in the pirate.....

and of course you know who had to follow his footsteps

We ate at Pirates landing.....the highlight for the kids was definitely the paper pirate hats.

My little beach bum.......he was so impressed with all of the pirate stuff.

What's a trip to the Texas coast without a picture in front of the giant shark's mouth at the gift shop entrance????? You know you have one too.

More hats

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