Monday, May 3, 2010

6 Years ago today.........

........I didn't show up for work Monday morning because I was in the hospital and my Tyson was on his way into joining the world. He was born at 11:59 am (right before lunch time) weighing 8 pounds, 8 ounces and he was 21 and a half inches long.

My parents had come in town that weekend and Mom had taken me shopping all day Sunday, we walked and walked all over the Vineyard shopping center. Then later that afternoon we grilled steaks, baked potatoes and had steamed broccoli for dinner. You're may be wondering why I'm revisiting the menu. Well that night around 11 I woke up with stomach pain. I nudged Paul and told him my stomach hurt. "It was probably the broccoli.....just go back to sleep." Thank you husband. I went back to sleep and woke up again around 1 with same pain. I got up to the use the bathroom and "something didn't seem right." I turned the light on, got my book out and began skimming the pages for "something not right" (details have been changed for the weak stomach readers). I woke Paul again and told him I thought I was in labor. He jumped up and asked "are you sure?" No, I'm new at this...we should call Dr. Williams. Long story shorter, we did and the doctor on call called us back and said to head on down to the hospital because I was in labor. I walked down the hall to wake Mom and Dad. They jumped up and began to get ready to follow Paul and I to the hospital. While in the car I kept having pain, pain that correlated with the minutes on the clock....turns out those pains were contractions. But the first time around you don't know what a contraction feels like. Fast forward to early Monday morning and the party really got started. An IV filled with Pitocin and some "happy" medicine, a few naps, an epidural and about 30 minutes of pushing later....... Tyson was born.

Now, enough of the sappy stuff. On to the birthday party. Tyson decided on a bowling party this year. It was a blast. I think he is at the perfect age to enjoy the game. The kids all did so well taking turns and cheering each other on.

We have this same picture from his 5th birthday party here.

Tyson didn't really have a character theme this year. So I made rainbow cupcakes.

My big boy in his big bowling shoes.

Tyson loved having Grandma and Grandpa there.

Tyson and his buddy Colton

The guys

time for pizza

Gift opening was mass chaos. The kids were so excited for Tyson and they wanted to see all of his presents.

One of the coolest things about the bowling party was the bowling pin Tyson got to take home. Our party hostess had all of the kids sign it. Tyson thought the was the best gift ever.

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  1. Happy Birthday Tyson! It looks like everyone had a great time! And the bowling pin, too cool. I loved hearing the birth story too. :)