Sunday, May 9, 2010


As we were eating dinner, Emmy yelled "hey......somebody squirt water on me!" We quickly figured that the "water" was coming from Tyson's corn on the cob. This quickly turned into a game of who could squirt who with corn on the cob bites. Now, I realize that Miss Manners may argue that is not proper dinner behavior. However, it was pretty funny to watch these two go at their corn like it was a race. They now sit side by side at our new table because it has a bench so as they kept scooting closer to each other the "squirts" got a little bigger.

I should also mention that Tyson's two top teeth are very loose. He thought if he took enough bites those teeth were sure to fall out. So far......they're still hanging in there.

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  1. CORN!!!!!!! What else can be said? Yummy CORN!