Thursday, May 13, 2010

Suggestions appreciated.....

There are pros and cons of living in South Texas, but I'd say one of the BIGGEST cons has to be the mosquitoes. It has been exceptionally humid the last few days and these irritating pests have just munched and munched on my baby.

Look at her legs! And this actually looks better than they did.
I cover her in OFF, name it. They still seem to bite her. Then after she is bit, her bites just swell and swell and swell. Of course then she scratches and they look even worse. Does anyone have any suggestions to help calm the itching? I've tried Benadryl spray and gel, AfterBite The Itch Eraser, Cortisone......nothing seems to help.
These short little legs can't handle more bites and the summer heat isn't even here yet!

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  1. Oh Jill, look at her legs. I'm so sorry. My kids totally take after me and get eaten alive. My Husband never gets touched. I wish I had more than "don't let her go out at that time of day". If you get a good suggestion make sure to pass it along. I could use the help too.