Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Baby Boy Turns 5

5 Years ago today.....Tyson Taylor Lucas was born!

This is the whole bunch.....lookin pretty tired after an hour and a half of jumping

Tyson and his very best friend, Mary

Ms. Sam and Ms. Christina even came to his party.....he LOVES these ladies!!!

My big boy......45 inches tall!

Well Tyson had a wonderful birthday weekend! Even the "Swine Flu" couldn't keep away kids from Pump it Up. We had a great turn out....about 22 kids give or take a sibling or two. Both sets of grandparents even came in town for the big event. After the party the WHOLE family enjoyed some yummy Tex-Mex food at Chuy's (Tyson's choice). What a great weekend!!!!!

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