Thursday, April 29, 2010

Field Trip 101

Tyson had his first field trip today. We thought for a while he wasn't going to make it, since he had been sick all week too. I kept him home yesterday so he could rest up for it. Priorities, you know. We went to Enchanted Springs Ranch in Boerne. It was a pretty neat place. It had an "old west" feel to it and lots of wild animals to see as well. The kids were able to learn about the cowboy life a long time ago and even see a gun twirler perform. Fortunately the weather cooperated with sunshine and no rain. All and all I'd say it was a great first field trip.

Tyson and his best buddy, Jackson

I feel so lucky I was able to enjoy this with him. I'm so proud of my Tyson, he's become such a little man.

Their favorite part was seeing the animals. My favorite part was seeing Tyson have so much fun with his friends. I only wish I could have been a fly on the school bus. I heard that was total chaos.

Check out all of these kiddos. Ummm. I don't think you should be hanging from the stagecoach, where the heck are the chaperones?"


I can't think of a better way to wrap up a field trip than with a tasty snow cone.

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  1. In that last pic, it looks like the cow is wanting some snow cone! too cute!