Thursday, May 27, 2010

One Day.....Two Celebrations

My last and final duty as room mom was planning the Kinder class party with the other 6 room moms. We had decided to go with an outdoor party with stations for each class. It was a blast.....a HOT blast but still a blast none the less.

On a different note, I had one of those moments today when I really wished I could be in two places at the exact same time. As I was walking out the door to go up to the school and get things set up for the party.....the home phone rings. It was Emmy's school....she had thrown up and I needed to come pick her up ASAP. Seriously? Today? Her last day? The only day I HAVE to be somewhere? Thank God I have JoLynn. She went and picked up Emmy and brought her to her house so I could still be with Tyson at his party. I am lucky to have such a great friend. No too many people you can call and ask to drive 20 minutes to pick up your sick child.

Ok....back to the end of the year party........
The boys getting in their sacs

Go Tyson!

Tyson getting a high five from Jackson's daddy for some good hopping

Popsicle station

All the girls were yelling "we love Tyson!"

On to the the second celebration of the day. It was time to celebrate the end of another baseball season. What a successful season! Not only did the boys hit coach pitched balls, this season they actually got players out.
Tyson getting his medal from Coach Tel

Tyson became pretty close with the Harjo twins, Barrett and Grayson

don't ask

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