Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I took a "ME" day.........

When Amanda invited me to come spend "our last day of freedom" hanging out by the pool at the new Marriot resort. I couldn't resist. It wasn't actually my last day......but it was hers. By "freedom" I mean a day when both of the kids are in school. We spent the morning and afternoon laying by the pool, then we decided to get active and lay on a tube while we floated on the lazy river, after all that hard work we were ready for lunch. Of course, after we ate we knew we should lounge by the pool till we were so hot we had to actually get in the pool. Before we knew it, it was time to go pick up the kids. I thought about it some more and realized it pretty much was my last day too. Thursday is Field Day at Tyson's school and next Tuesday I have a dentist appointment (nothing fun about that) and next Thursday is Tyson and Emmy's end of school celebration, which I will be attending. And just like that the school years comes to a rapid end.

Bye Bye Tuesday and Thursday morning coffee at Starbucks, Adios gym workouts without a time limit, See Ya shopping at La Canterra without a stroller. Hello sleeping past 5:30, Hi there hanging out by the pool with the kiddos, Welcome back late bed times. C'mon SUMMERTIME, I'm ready for ya!!!!!

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