Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Family Members

Tyson also got a hermit crab for his birthday. He came in a rather large aquarium that was supposed to go in his room. But instead he's become part of my living room decor. The kids LOVE him and they LOVE taking off the lid and sticking their hand in there to check on him at least 15 times a day. Jenn also gave him a handout, "the do's and don't of a hermit crab." In that handout it stated that crabs are social and love company. Can you see where this is going? Yes, that's right we now have 2. Paul and the kids actually went and got another one today.
So we are now a family of four, plus 1 greyhound, and 2 hermit crabs.

The bright blue shell is "Crabby."

This is "Shiny." The kids named him too. Not a lot of creativity in the name department here.

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