Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh My Cinnamon Roll!!!

So, if you haven't made PW's cinnamon rolls than you absolutely have to, right now. Go out and get the ingredients immediately. You won't be sorry! I made them with Mom's help back in December and I felt it was time again.

Oh yeah, did I mention the recipe makes about 7 to 9 round pie tins worth. Today I got 3 round, 3 square and one big rectangle pan out of the recipe. They don't look too cute right now, they still have to sit under a kitchen towel to rise for about 20 minutes. But just wait.......

When they come out of the oven then you get to pour this delicious powdered sugar, milk, maple and coffee mixture all over them.

You might wonder what I'm going to do with all of these pieces of heaven. I plan on giving a pan to my neighbors, some to friends and freezing the rest. After they have been iced and cooled than I stick them in the freezer. You can warm the pan in a 200 degree oven for about 15 minutes. And they taste just as yummy as the day I made them.

How many weeks till bathing suit season???

Tiny Dancer...........with bedhead

While I baked lots and lots of cinnamon rolls this morning, Em danced around the house in her ballet jammies and tutu.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Remember the Alamo........or RainForest Cafe....

The last few weeks before Spring Break, Tyson had been learning about Texas in school. Once he learned about the Alamo, he began begging us to take him downtown to see it.
Aren't they handsome?
Paul enjoyed the trip to the Alamo too, he could have stayed there all day reading all of the history on it.

This is picture of the three of them reading "the letter from the Alamo." At one point I step back to snap a picture and no sooner did I put the camera to my eye, the little blond lifts the chain and heads for the "pretty grass." I yell, "Paul, QUICK grab Em--she can't get on the grass!" I was worried that all of the state troopers that guard the Alamo were going to come unglued. And then things were really gonna get ugly.

Clearly Em was unimpressed with the "courtyard," and ready to eat.

We walked a couple of blocks to RainForest Cafe to have lunch.

The restaurant was pretty scenic and the animals "come to life" every 12 minutes. Tyson thought it was "awesome!" Em was a little unsure about sounds and really did not care for the thunder. As long as she was in mine or Paul's lap she was fine.

Poor Em, she didn't even make it out of downtown before she crashed.

And this concludes the Spring Break 2010 posts. Back to reality on Monday.

I Love Her Eyes!!!

28 Years Ago........

........I celebrated my 4th birthday party at one of San Antonio's biggest children's attractions.
If you had told me then that I would be taking my two children there as well, I never would have believed you. Kiddie Park, I think it is the oldest working amusement park. It has been newly renovated but the rides remain with 1920's amusement park theme. I had heard that it just reopened, and I couldn't wait to take the kids somewhere that I had such fond memories of as a child.
It was weird, walking in I immediately felt transformed to the early 80's and could remember coming here with my parents and my grandparents.

One thing I noticed was that the park was so small, it had always seemed so huge to me. It was the perfect size for my kiddos.

They loved the boats.

Emmy ran to the pink plane and couldn't wait to hop in.

Look at that smile. He really enjoyed the rides. My Tyson is NOT a dare devil, so this was just his speed.

Em got a big kick out of turning in her ticket for her ride.

I love these two!!! I love that fact that Paul took days off from work just to hang out with Buddy for his first Spring Break from school. Tyson may not see it yet, but these are such important memories that Paul is making with them. And I hope he can look back one day and see that his Daddy was "there" for him. Just the way I can.

Action Packed Thursday

Paul took Thursday and Friday off from work to spend some "Spring Break" time with Tyson. Our Thursday started fairly early with a quick drop off for Em at school (her Spring Break was last week) than I met my guys at our favorite breakfast place, Magnolia Pancake Haus. Tyson loves to eat here and he hadn't been in over a year. To say he had been saving up an appetite would be an understatement.

It's so hard to wrap my brain around how big he is. We have been coming here since he was little; he would sit in the high chair, and play with the free kids pancake.
Apparently those days are LONG gone. He managed to consume all 3 chocolate chip pancakes, 1 sausage patty, half of my hash browns, oh and some orange juice (which he NEVER orders, but "that's what Grandpa drinks with breakfast" so now so does Tyson).

Now that we had stuffed ourselves silly, it was time to go bowling. Tyson had never really bowled before. We are actually having his birthday party there so we thought it might be a good idea to make sure he liked it.
Quick side note, I can't walk into a Bowling Alley and not go into complete song in my head, "Let's Bowl," from Grease 2. I know I probably shouldn't say that out loud but I'm cheesey that way.
Check out that form!

He LOVED it! We had so much fun. I actually bowled my all time high........125. That's right, I BEAT my competitive hubby! And it felt OH SO GOOD!!!

All done with bowling, it was time to pick up Emmy from school and take the kids to the zoo.
Hey! Check out those monkeys! And the ones in the cage too!

We packed lunches, since every one knows Zoo food isn't that tasty and very overpriced. My kids always enjoy a picnic lunch.

I believe I said to the kids before I took the picture, "hey guys, look like you love each other!" This is what I got. Can you feel the love?

We are out! Everyone was exhausted, including Paul and I. That didn't stop Tyson from asking, "Hey Mommy, what's for breakfast tomorrow?" Seriously?!? You just ate your way through Thursday.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Few Days with Grandma and Grandpa

This year Tyson asked us if he could spend his Spring Break with my parents. The hard part was that my Mom's spring break was not the same as Tyson's and my Dad had to work. So they worked it out where he would get there on Saturday and Grandpa would take a few days off to spend with him and Mom too. He had such a good time. But then again who wouldn't when the people you are staying with cater to your every whim. Mom made sure she had plenty of pink and chocolate milk on hand as well as all of Tyson's favorite snacks. And he even got to sleep with Grandpa every night (which he told me was his favorite part).

They spent most of their time hanging out at the lake fishing, throwing rocks and exploring the nature trails. They would come home for lunch, drive thru Sonic pick up a cold beverage and head back to the lake till it was time to come home for dinner.

Mom took this one of the two of them. I gave her specific instructions to take lots of pictures with Tyson's camera.

Dad reading the nature trail signs to Tyson.

Just hanging out in the backyard

Mom said these two would spend hours outside just exploring, hanging out and talking, lots and lots of talking.

Tyson always loves fishing with Grandpa, maybe some day they will catch something.

Not sure who had more fun this week, Tyson or Dad.......

Tyson has informed me that he wants to spend his ENTIRE summer there, well.....90 days that is. Perfect. I plan on sticking a cute little blond in his suitcase. Think anyone will notice?