Friday, March 26, 2010

28 Years Ago........

........I celebrated my 4th birthday party at one of San Antonio's biggest children's attractions.
If you had told me then that I would be taking my two children there as well, I never would have believed you. Kiddie Park, I think it is the oldest working amusement park. It has been newly renovated but the rides remain with 1920's amusement park theme. I had heard that it just reopened, and I couldn't wait to take the kids somewhere that I had such fond memories of as a child.
It was weird, walking in I immediately felt transformed to the early 80's and could remember coming here with my parents and my grandparents.

One thing I noticed was that the park was so small, it had always seemed so huge to me. It was the perfect size for my kiddos.

They loved the boats.

Emmy ran to the pink plane and couldn't wait to hop in.

Look at that smile. He really enjoyed the rides. My Tyson is NOT a dare devil, so this was just his speed.

Em got a big kick out of turning in her ticket for her ride.

I love these two!!! I love that fact that Paul took days off from work just to hang out with Buddy for his first Spring Break from school. Tyson may not see it yet, but these are such important memories that Paul is making with them. And I hope he can look back one day and see that his Daddy was "there" for him. Just the way I can.

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  1. Boy, they have done some serious work on that place! We went a few years back for a party & it was hurting bad! Glad you guys had a ball.