Friday, March 26, 2010

Remember the Alamo........or RainForest Cafe....

The last few weeks before Spring Break, Tyson had been learning about Texas in school. Once he learned about the Alamo, he began begging us to take him downtown to see it.
Aren't they handsome?
Paul enjoyed the trip to the Alamo too, he could have stayed there all day reading all of the history on it.

This is picture of the three of them reading "the letter from the Alamo." At one point I step back to snap a picture and no sooner did I put the camera to my eye, the little blond lifts the chain and heads for the "pretty grass." I yell, "Paul, QUICK grab Em--she can't get on the grass!" I was worried that all of the state troopers that guard the Alamo were going to come unglued. And then things were really gonna get ugly.

Clearly Em was unimpressed with the "courtyard," and ready to eat.

We walked a couple of blocks to RainForest Cafe to have lunch.

The restaurant was pretty scenic and the animals "come to life" every 12 minutes. Tyson thought it was "awesome!" Em was a little unsure about sounds and really did not care for the thunder. As long as she was in mine or Paul's lap she was fine.

Poor Em, she didn't even make it out of downtown before she crashed.

And this concludes the Spring Break 2010 posts. Back to reality on Monday.

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