Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Few Days with Grandma and Grandpa

This year Tyson asked us if he could spend his Spring Break with my parents. The hard part was that my Mom's spring break was not the same as Tyson's and my Dad had to work. So they worked it out where he would get there on Saturday and Grandpa would take a few days off to spend with him and Mom too. He had such a good time. But then again who wouldn't when the people you are staying with cater to your every whim. Mom made sure she had plenty of pink and chocolate milk on hand as well as all of Tyson's favorite snacks. And he even got to sleep with Grandpa every night (which he told me was his favorite part).

They spent most of their time hanging out at the lake fishing, throwing rocks and exploring the nature trails. They would come home for lunch, drive thru Sonic pick up a cold beverage and head back to the lake till it was time to come home for dinner.

Mom took this one of the two of them. I gave her specific instructions to take lots of pictures with Tyson's camera.

Dad reading the nature trail signs to Tyson.

Just hanging out in the backyard

Mom said these two would spend hours outside just exploring, hanging out and talking, lots and lots of talking.

Tyson always loves fishing with Grandpa, maybe some day they will catch something.

Not sure who had more fun this week, Tyson or Dad.......

Tyson has informed me that he wants to spend his ENTIRE summer there, well.....90 days that is. Perfect. I plan on sticking a cute little blond in his suitcase. Think anyone will notice?

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