Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Rome wasn't built in a Day," or something like that.....

Today during Emmy's bath she mentioned she did not like the potty as she pointed to the toilet.

***(I should mention here that we really haven't begun the whole potty training experience yet. She hasn't shown any interest and every one that knows me knows that I wait until they are ready. That was out method with Tyson and it was done in one day with no accidents, let me repeat that, no accidents! When we have asked her about going potty, we have gotten a less than favorable response. It sounded something like "I don't like the potty. I don't go tee tee in the potty, I go in my diaper and on changing table." End of story.)

Pheww... that was a long side note. Anyway, Paul told her she had her own special "little potty." "Little potty?" Em was intrigued. Quick, Paul go grab the little potty from the garage. After her bath we started to put her jammies on but she wanted to sit on the little potty. How could we refuse that. So fast forward to about an hour later and this little naked blond is still sitting on the little potty waiting for "the tee tee to come out." Now I know this is a bit detailed but most of my readers are family or fellow mommies, so the phrase tee tee shouldn't make anyone squirm. Well, maybe just my Dad. Sorry Dad...... Emmy has absolutely NO modesty. I read her books, I held her hand, she even called Grandma to tell her she was still waiting, we talked and talked about everything under the sun all the while she would get stand up periodically bend over and check, "yep still no tee tee." I gotta say, Em is one limber 2 year old. I walked out of the bathroom for just a second to check on Paul and Tyson and I immediately hear, "Mommyyyy the tee tee come out." Yes, that's right my little punkin tee teed in the potty. Who knew all she needed was a little privacy.

By no means do I think we are on our way to being potty trained, that was really just a drop in the bucket...........or should I say drop in the potty. But it's a start. When I put her to bed, she asked me, "Mommy are you so proud of Emmy?" Yes, punkin! Mommy is so proud of you!!!

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