Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Vamanos to the mercado!"

Saturday after Valerie left Paul and I took the kids downtown to the Mercado. We had been meaning to take Tyson to look around there. We figured he would get a kick out of all the "stuff" they have down there. I also wanted to get Em a dress to wear for her Fiesta parade at school, and I figured this would be the best place. So Tyson grabbed his wallet (it was busting at the seams with a whopping $3.00) and we were off.

I wonder how many drunk San Antonio tourists have this same picture? Bet they weren't holding a bag of some newly purchased marbles.

Em loved the paper flower halos. She wanted all of them.

And......if you're in the "market" for a Mexican Wrestlers children's cape and are in luck!!!


  1. Awesome awesome photos! I love the actions too! Why didn't you tell me they had mexican wrestler costumes? I would have stayed!

  2. And the picture of Em and Paul - perfection.