Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This big beautiful GREEN tree is the source of all of my families allergy issues. Today after school Tyson wanted to hunt for caterpillars and Em wanted to be his assistant. I figured why not test the Zyrtec, so I decided I would hang out in the pollen with them and snap some pictures. It has been incredibly overcast all day which makes great light for photos.

Align CenterLooks like he found one.......

Em found some Dandelions to blow........(although I think she inhaled because she came crying to me that she had "flower" in her mouth)
She found some sticks too.

His eyes are so tricky. Sometimes they look green and other times they look blue. Today they are definitely green.

I like this one.

I'm so proud. He's sharing his grubby caterpillar with her.

Green eyes, green shirt, green grass, green, green!!!

Now it's crawling on his arm.

As if they weren't dirty enough after worm hunting in the grass, they decided to draw a map on t he patio with sidewalk chalk. I have mixed feelings on sidewalk chalk......yeah it's a great form of creative entertainment for the kids.....but it's so stinkin messy.

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